Radulphus Balshaw, born 1687.


Probably at Halsall, 23rd September 1687, son of Johannes.  (This Johannes might have been born in 1664, the son of Thomas Balshaw.)


On the IGI there is a record for a the marriage of Radulphus Balshaw and Margereta Charles, in Halsall, in 1710.

Radulphus is clearly the Latin form of Ralph, and Margereta clearly comes from the same source as Margaret.  It seems to be too much of a coincidence that later generations of Balshaws in the Ormskirk area include the following christian names several times over:  Ralph (e.g. Ralph Balshaw born 1780); Margaret (e.g. Margaret Balshaw, born 1804); and Charles (e.g. Charles Balshaw born 1806).  


There are two entries who could have been his children.  John, son of Ralph, Ormskirk 1711;  Ann, daughter of Ralph, in Ormskirk, 1714.