Last Updated : 5 May 2016




The Stanley family have been connected with Knowsley and Lathom through their main homes there for hundreds of years. Sir John Stanley married Isobel Lathom in 1385 and was given the Isle of Man by Henry IV in 1405. Knowsley Hall has been in the ownership of the Stanley family (the Earls of Derby) since 1385.

One member of this family - Lord Frederick Stanley was Governor General of Canada until 1888 and on the death of his brother returned to England to become the 16th Earl of Derby. He is famous for donating the Stanley Cup to the game of Hockey and also became Lord Mayor of Liverpool and first Chancellor of the University of Liverpool. The Stanley Arms pub in Huyton shown here, is one of many examples where the name "Stanley" occurs in the Liverpool area.

John Lennon's grandfather was George Stanley and was born in Everton in 1874. John's mother was Julia Stanley who married his father, Alf Lennon at Mount Pleasant in 1938. Julia's sister, born in Liverpool in 1903 was John's aunt, Mimi Smith nee Stanley with whom he spent his childhood in Liverpool.