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Baby greenfinch being fed by Mum!

2 baby goldfinches.

A pair of greenfinches on our hanging feeders (male on the left, female on the right).

A lesser spotted woodpecker feeding from one of our hanging feeders which contain Sunflower hearts.
We have never seen a woodpecker in our area and are really delighted he chose to visit our
little wildlife garden. This bird has a red status, meaning it is an endangered species.
Also in the vid is a juvenile goldfinch..... the goldfinches are regular visitors.

Here we have a cheeky yellow wagtail. See how he
looks straight into the camera at the beginning of the vid!

More webcam footage..... notice the greenfinch feeding from the
spill tray... and the goldfinch that sidesteps over and pecks another ones tail! :-)

Male and female bullfinches (male is on the left).

A pair of Siskins, it's the first time we've had any visit us!

Bath time for the sparrows! They seem to be enjoying themselves..... bless 'em!
Incidentally, the pond is only 3' diameter but the birds don't seem to mind! :-)

Bird table webcam - goldfinches - great tits - sparrows and a wood pidgeon!

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