Valle de la Orotava - Plan de excelente turistica

Since the nineteenth century Tenerife, and the Orotava Valley in particular, has been known in Europe, for its mild temperatures all year round, and the subsequent therapeutic advantages for health.

This quality, which is a result of the combined special geographic and climatic conditions in this part of the island, was widely recognised by a great number of European visitors who stayed for long periods to rest at the first hotels that appeared in Tenerife, at first following medical advice and later to escape from the rigours of winter.

As a result of this, a tourist industry sprang up on the Island at the end of the last century, gathering prestige with the passing of time.

At present, the towns situated in the valley, Puerto de la Cruz, La Orotava and Los Realejos, are benefiting from the Tourist Development Plan through a wide range projects in pursuit of an overall improvement in service infrastructure, placing a special emphasis on cultural and environmental areas, so as to continue being a premier holiday destination in the Canary Islands.

Objectives of the Plan

The main objective of the Tourist Development Plan for the Orotava valley is to enhance the surroundings, maximising the attraction of the area for the visitor with the aim of improving and developing each aspect of its natural, historic and cultural heritage and to introduce new leisure opportunities. The region has always been considered a high profile destination and the focus is firmly on preserving historic and environmental resources to improve natural, coastal and scenic features throughout the valley.

This is an ambitious project with a £5 million investment over three years, which is financed by the Institute of Tourism of the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism, the Regional Ministry of the Presidency and Tourism of the Canarian Government, the Island Government of Tenerife and the three City Halls of the valley. The project is being managed by the Promoción Exterior de Tenerife S.A.

The plan will aim to meet the needs of both the present and future tourist industry, while retaining the identity and respecting the personalities of each town in the valley. Local people have already experienced the gradual changes taking place; the improvements of the access roads to urban areas, the re-decoration of house exteriors and the extension of the green area.

The Tourist Development Plan supports a combination of factors that, along with quality hotels, will help the area to continue to attract visitors not only for the climate, but also for the cultural, historical and botanical interests.

Overall Plan

Puerto de la Cruz

Los Realejos

La Orotava

Verbatim extracts from information provided by tourist information office in La Orotava.
Valle de la Orotava
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