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Armstrong Whitworth Whitley

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A W Whitley Mk V Thumbnail, click here for larger version.Described by the late Charles Turner-Hughes, Armstrong's Chief Test Pilot, "The Whitley was an aircraft full of character, a hard worker and certainly an accomplished type for the period. For an aircraft which was designed and flown in the mid-1930's to be still in operational service two years after the Lancaster was introduced into Bomber Command's armoury indicates the success that was born of Armstrong Whitworth's design team, although the Whitley was often overshadowed by it's more famous companions." Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk V

The Whitley aircraft was used in :

The first leaflet raid over Germany on  3/4 September 1939
The first sortie over Berlin on 1/2 October 1939
The first bombing attack on mainland Germany night 10/11 May 1940
The first raid on Italy 11/12 June 1940
The first operations by British Airborne Troops 10/11 February 1941
The first successful Coastal Command Attack on a U-Boat without Naval Assistance, 30 November 1941

The first British Aircraft to have a four-gun tail turret!

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