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Title Author Publisher ISBN
The Whitley File *** R N Roberts Air-Britain Ltd 0851301274
A Steep Turn To The Stars *** Jim Hughes Benevenagh Books 0951831305
Action Stations No 7 *** David J Smith Patrick Stephens Ltd 0850595630
Royal Air Force Flying
Training and Support
Ray C Sturtivant,
John Hamlin,
James J Halley
Air-Britain Ltd 0851302521
The Anson File Ray C Sturtivant Air-Britain Ltd 0851301568
RAF Bomber Command Losses Vol. 7
Operational Training Units
1940-1947 +++
W R Chorley Midland Publishing 1-857801326
The Bomber Command War Diaries.
An Operational Reference Book 1939-1945
Martin Middlebrook
Chris Everitt
Midland Publishing 1-85780-03308
F540 and F541
Operational Record Book
Sqn F540 Officers
Sqn Historians
Not published but held in 
National Archives
AIR 29/663
+++   I you are going to buy Vol 7 you would be advised to invest in the previous 6 Volumes.  Bill Chorley has created a marvellous reference for any Bomber Command researcher and I acknowledge his excellent contribution to my research.  

***"I am not certain any of these books are still in print.  
Second hand copies may be available, or your local library may be able to trace."   {NLS}

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