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Sgt John Llewelyn

Sgt Alexander George Batchen R/78172, RCAF, contributed by his cousin, David Pope.

© ©opyright G B Llewelyn.

John Llewelyn joined 19OTU on 7th July 1942, he was in Dallas, America from 17th July 1941 and was back in UK on 26th December 1941 (Pearl Harbour was 7th December 1941). 

The picture above is of John outside family farm, he is under training as has white stripe on his cap. (Presumably before his trip to the USA for Aircrew training)

Sadly John was killed in the crash of Avro Anson, DJ106 21st Aug 1942.

A list of the next-of-kin sent to John's Father by the RAF of those involved in the accident show that F Sgt Fillingham was a screened Observer,  Plt Off Gilmour (N) was a student on the crew, Sgt K E Carruthers (W/Op) was a screened Wireless Operator and Sgt J B Robertson (W/Op) was also a student on the crew. 

F Sgt G Fillingham , Plt Off Gilmour, and Sgt J B Robertson were all married.  (Of note F Sgt Fillingham's Wife was living with a family not far from the webmasters address.)

Sgt LLewelyn (P) CWGC records.

Contributed by his Nephew, Geraint B Llewelyn, 2009.

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