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Anson Aircraft of the Unit

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Serial No. Codes History
K6244   Ex 269 Sqn, to RCAF as A116
K6299   Ex 215, 75, 269 Sqn's
L7909   Ex 6FTS, to 13 OTU, sold as G-AKVW
N5167   Ex numerous, soc 3.11.44
N5259   Crashed with 21 OTU 21.5.42
N9617   + 20 OTU, 23 OTU, 10 OTU(crashed 7.9.41)
N9621   Abandoned when lost, crashed Melgum Hill, Tarland, Aberdeenshire. 18..642
N9671 XF-D Dived into ground, caught fire, 1m E of Arbroath, Angus, 14.8.43
N9747   +others
N9748   +others
N9857   Crashed Inchnadamph, nr Ben More Assynt, 13.4.41. (1)
R3374 XF-P, XF-K  
R9593 XF-N  
R9594 XF-P To R.Neth AF
R9774   Struck telephone wires, force landing, Mishnish, Tobermory, Mull, 31.8.41.  (2)
R9776   + 20 OTU
R9812   To France 28.6.46
W2627   Ditched Dornoch Firth, 2m W of Dornoch, at night, after icing up. 16.11.41
W2628   +others, sold, became G-AITK
AX291   + 20 OTU, soc 24.744
AX428 XF-Y  
AX431 XF-J, XF-N  
AX435 XF-S, XF-T Hit Hill, Carn Na Cailliche, Morayshire,  24.4.44 (3)
AX474 XF-G, XF-R To Greek Air Force
AX475 XF-W, XF-I, XF-Y  
AX476   soc 8.3.45 19OTU
AX479   + 20 OTU, Kinloss Station Flight, soc 25.7.47
AX499   To French Navy
AX500 XF-K, XF-V, XF-U soc 3.11.44
AX608 AX-J soc 6.12.44
DG814   soc 3.11.44
DJ104 XF-K, XF-W Landed on Whitley N1369, 19 Oct 1943
DJ105   To French Air Force
DJ106   Crashed Ben Macdhui, Banffshire, 21.8.42
DJ107 XF-Z, XF-A, + 20 OTU, soc 2.11.44
DJ167 XF-T + 20 OTU (ZT-H)
DJ241 XF-W, + 27 OTU, soc 28.9.44
DJ298 XF-O, XF-Z  
NK421 XF-? + 276 Sqn, To Greek AF
NK424 XF-C, XF-J, Overshot landing Kinloss 16.8.44, mainspar torn off.

© Extract from Air Britain Historians Ltd - The Anson File [See Bibliography]

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