POW 2005 was, at the begining of the week, very cold and damp. We had very misty mornings, which sometimes continued into the day. Never sailed in the fog before! Later in the week the sun came out. Shame about the wind! Saturday evening found us at South Walsham Broad

On Sunday morning we made our way to the church at Thurne for a Service led by the other Pathfinder Cruise.

And then to the River Ant, mostly under motor power, only to find our usual mooring a building site.So it was on to Barton Broad to nestle into the trees!

No wind at all this morning! So what about a trip to town? And the museum of the Broads. And a lunch-time roadside mooring. Never done that before! Then back south down The Ant to the grasssy bank at Irstead for the night. STILL NO WIND!!

Another misty start but stores to collect from the butcher today. So a little wait for him at Ludham Bridge.  Lots to do there with mast to lower and raise. A bit more wind in the afternoon for a sail on the wide stretch of the bure down to Acle bridge, followed by a night in the Dyke at Upton. The morning activity  today a trip to the village green for field games. Then hoist the sails once more to make our way north and east again. A call ahead insured our place at Hunters Yard for the night mooring. 

Potter Heigham early today to catch low water at the bridge! Made it with inches to spare! Thence to Candle Dyke, Meadow Dyke and Horsey Mere. Where Oh where's the wind. Just enough to sail, but only just!

So what about a walk to the sea? Ok! can you see in this mist? Just enough to see the seals and play rounders. And Oh the mud on the pathway!

Friday morning is here already. Back to Potter Heigham. Today the Fish and Chip shop is open; and sunshine at last. Again we sail at a leisurely pace before our dinghy regatta on South Walsham. Time to play before we eat and gather for the last time.

Our theme for the week was to see ourselves as God sees us. So question one was "Who am I?". Do we like what we see? of creation? of others? of ourselves? Is it Ok to love ourselves?

On Sunday we began to see our need to belong. How we are already part of God's Secret (but revealed) mighty plan. The plan that reunited God with fallen mankind.

How much God loves us. Enough to allow Jesus to die to pay the penalty of our wrongdoing. So what does that make us worth?

So where do I belong? Is it good to be part of a team? By faith we can be part of that great family that is united to God. Our membership brings responsibilities and benefits.

It's good to know that we each have real worth in God's eyes. Even though we fail again and again, He goes on forgiving us. Can we make our value that comes from God our lasting experience? Yes with His help! And when we see Him face to face "I can only imagine......."

What power we have! We have the stamp of ownership. We have only to allow God's Holy Spirit, who dwells in the believer, to have His way, to experience the same power that raised Christ from the Dead.

Friday's here. Time to realise the commission to a life of adventure to which God calls us.

He's always there to help and we each need to resolve to walk closely with Him every day. That will not keep us out of trouble, but will enable us to deal with all that this adventurous life as a Christian brings to us.

See you next year to delve again into the handbook of life, to understand more of God who sees us as tremendously valuable assets.

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