This year in our evening squashes we look at signs,
with an illustration based on a current film.






   We began with Signs of Disorder - the Film "Bruce Almighty" shows how we can always mess up even with supernatural powers. This shows us our position in comparison to the Holy God..

On Easter Sunday we joined other to worship the Risen Jesus Christ in the Church at Thurn.
Our leisurely afternoon sail took us to How Hill and Games Ashore; that evening we considered
Signs of Restoration,
(the Return of the King)- God's plan to restore Mankind.

   The excitement the next day was the lowering of Masts for Potter Heigham Bridge and a Mooring by the Windmill in Horsey Dyke. Not much wind again today, and a mooring perfect to admire God's creation and observe
the Signs of the Creator God, (Touching the Void) which clearly can be seen in the beauty around us.

   Tuesday's weather again was very light winds, and although we enjoyed the sunshine, very little distance was covered. A walk to the Sea and a mooring at West Somerton preceded an evening looking at the Signs of God's Sovereignty and how we deal with upset, disappointment, and hurt. " The Man who sued God" realised just in time that God's Purpose is Huge; we see but a little bit,  and He allows, but does not cause suffering, and acts only out of Love.

 Time again to lower masts and go under Potter Bridge - No Problem. A visit to the Chip shop, then
to the night mooring at Upton Dyke - the home of three of our boats. The Strength and the tools that God gives
help us overcome as we see the Signs of Struggle (Gladiator)

On Thursday the Village Green at Upton becomes our playground for games, before we set off again under the
power of the wind for an early mooring at South Walsham, and dinghy practice.
The Signs of the Invisible (the Matrix) - showed that our eyes are not the only way to see God.

A Dinghy Regatta, a climb to the top of the Church Tower and a gentle sail back to our final night's mooring to explore Signs of Love (Love Actually) - A reminder of God's Love for us all and our need to pass it on.




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