Whinyeat, Rottington, near Whitehaven, Cumbria.

This house in Cumbria is said to have been built in 1800 by Clement and Eleanor Mossop (nee Walker, married Whitehaven St James Church on the 15 August 1766), as evidenced by the  initials on the inscription above the door. This is a view from the side furthest away from the road.

In the will of Clement's father's will (Moses Moscrop, son of Clement Moscrop) proven 1803, Clement was left the farms of Cringlethwaite, Oxenrigg, and Hardheady. When Clement died in 1814, he left Rottington to his wife Eleanor.

Clement and Eleanor had 9 children. Elizabeth, William, Hannah, Moses, John (Rev), Isaac (Rev), Eleanor, Mary and Eleanor.

Moses was living at Whinyeat in the 1851 census

Grid reference for the house approximately NX 962 131.