Charles Balshaw, born 1837.


Born 1837, son of  Ralph Balshaw and Frances, of Ormskirk.

Orphaned 1839 when both of his parents died within a few months of each other.  His aunt Nancy Balshaw became his guardian, and John Balshaw was one of the other trustees.


Draper's Manager living at 82 Liverpool Road, Eccleston in Prescot in 1881.  Aged 42.

Draper, living at 60 Liverpool Road, Eccleston in 1888 when mentioned as the sole beneficiary and sole executor of the will of his cousin Charles Balshaw who died in 1889.  At this time he had worked for his cousin for 35 years.


M.A. (born c. 1847 in Rainford)

Children:  Elizabeth, 1872; John E, 1874; Joseph C, 1875; Walter J, 1877; H. R. 1880.  All were born in St Helens according to the 1881 census.


After 1914 (unless he had emigrated by that time) as there are no unexplained Charles Balshaws in the death registers up to that time.


See references to this Charles on the page about his cousin Charles.

The will of Nancy Balshaw (his aunt) gives some useful details about his brothers, sisters and cousins in 1863.  They were all still alive.

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