Join the Balshaw e-group

Peter Harrop has set up an e-group to share new Balshaw information.  Whether you want to share information that you have with other members, or just receive information found by other members, you can join the group free by following the instructions below. (Presumably this service is paid for by the few slogans that they add to the end of your e-mail message).

E-groups seems to have been taken over by Yahoo and it is now a Yahoo Group.  The web site for it is at

To subscribe

To subscribe to it, just send a blank e-mail (put nothing in the subject or in the body of the message) to the following address:  or presumably now

You should receive a confirmation back saying that you have subscribed.  Then you just need to reply, following the instructions that this message gives you.

To send a message to the group

To send an e-mail to the list just send it to or now

and everybody who subscribed to the list (including you) will receive it. You can send attachments like jpgs, and there is a facility for subscribers to talk to each other through microphones, (although I haven't tried this out yet).

To unsubscribe

If you want to unsubscribe at any time just send an e-mail to : or presumably now