So, over the weekend 26th/27th/28th July 2002, the West London boys headed for Brighton to celebrate Steve Henson's Stag Do. Thanks to some excellent research by Slum we seemed far more clued up than most of the other deadbeats we saw walking about the streets.

On the Friday evening, the "Magnificent 7" (that's Steve, Stuart, Slum, Fuzz, Mark, Jas & my humble self) assembled at Victoria Station and took the 19:09 down to sunny Brighton. Okay, by the time we hit the South Downs, it wasnt so sunny but after 45 minute walk (oh great surprise that was !?!) to the Imperial Hotel, we finally were ready to hit the town. After a cab ride back to the centre, we headed for Gloucester Place and got a "Lust For Life". Cue, much wrecking on the dancefloor. Beer was flowing, even over people's heads !

I guess you could say we overdid it a bit for the "night before". A rather slow start to the day on Saturday but even the Duprey brothers managed to make it to the breakfast table, just. Midday, we met up with 4 of the 5 day-trippers (John, Lee, Darrel & Mitchel), down by the pier. Next up was a spot of crazy golf (just how many was that at the 13th hole Jas ?) then off to Al Duomo for a tasty Italian. Finally, after such a tale of woe, up stepped Bo !

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