Saturday night - "Back To School" - it really had to be done !
Since it was somewhat warmer than the Friday evening, we decided to walk into the centre of Brighton resplendent in our school clobber. We met up at Darrel & Mitchel's hotel, where the previous group shot was taken. Watch out Harry's Army are coming to getcha !

So, in order to get into "Back To School" for a 1, we had to enter by 22:30 hrs. Trouble is, we didn't make much of an effort to camouflage the fact it was a Stag Party. Oh well, it was that close but we managed to get in, just.

Well, my friends, this was a scream. Not only lots of naughty boys and girls but plenty of WPC's and medical staff. A fair splattering of 70's chic too, with hideous afros, that made that guy from "At The Drive In" look pretty anonymous.

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