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NEPAL 8-17th JANUARY 1999  --  part one

Here is the first of a series of photographs, taken by Robert Wincup, during a Naturetrek birding tour of Nepal

Location map of Nepal

During the tour 262 bird species and 11 species of mammal were recorded.
These included Leopard Panthera pardus and Gangetic River Dolphin Platanista gangetica.
Black-capped or Rufous Sibia Black-capped or Rufous Sibia 
Heterophasia capistrata
photographed at Pulchowki Hill in the Kathmandu Valley.
A very colourful member of the Babbler family.
Grey-backed or Tibetan Shrike Grey-backed or Tibetan Shrike 
Lanius tephronotus
also photographed at Pulchowki Hill in the Kathmandu Valley. 
Orange-barred or Buff-barred Warbler Orange- barred or Buff-barred Warbler 
Phylloscopus pulcher
Another Himalayan speciality photographed at Pulchowki Hill.
Ibisbill One of the main target species for most participants on these trips is the Ibisbill  Ibidoryncha struthersii
This trip did not disappoint.
The front end may look gaudy, but if facing away from the observer it is amazingly well camouflaged, as this photo shows.
Ibisbill A closer view of this much sought after wader, taken on the Trisuli River.
Lunch break at Pulchowki Lunch break at Pulchowki.

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