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Suffolk Bird Atlas - The new Suffolk Bird Atlas with the local results from the BTO 2007-11 National Atlas project is now online.

.Corton Patch Challenge Patch Challenge blog by local birder James Brown.

.Craig Shaws Digiscoping Birding Blog Blog by local birder and digiscoper Craig Shaw.

Richard Bedford Bird Photography Flight Photography by Suffolk Bird Photographer Richard Bedford.

Perry Fairman Ecological Experiences Discover Norfolk's Wildlife with Perry Fairman Ecological Experiences.

The Birds of the Deben Estuary -  A website devoted to the Deben Estuary area of Suffolk by local birder Craig Holden.

SBG online -  Website of the Suffolk Bird Group (formerly Suffolk Ornithologists' Group). Read more on their website.

Waveney Bird Club-  A local club encouraging the study and conservation of the birdlife of the Waveney Valley. The task of to bolstering the struggling local Tree Sparrow population is one of the first and urgent projects. Read more on their website.

Lowestoft Birding -  A local bird and wildlife blog by Lowestoft birder Peter Ransome.

Dannys Digiscoping -  A website by local birder and digiscoper Danny Porter.

Barry's Digiscoping -  A website by Bury St. Edmunds based birder and digiscoper Barry Woodhouse.


Suffolk Birding with BINS -  The website to keep up to date with the ornithological happenings throughout the County of Suffolk.

Suffolk Community Barn Owl Project -  The website of the SOG Suffolk Community Barn Owl project which aims to reverse the fortunes of the Barn Owl in Suffolk by the provision of nest boxes.

Felixstowe Birding  -  Ornithological happenings in the Felixstowe area.

RSPB Lowestoft & District Local Group  -  Details about the local members group of the RSPB with a programme of talks and field trips.

Yare Valley Wildlife - Wildlife sightings in the Yare Valley.

The Birdman of Gunton
- Keep up to date on bird sightings at Gunton in the heart of Lizard Land courtesy of the Birdman himself.... Mr. James Wright.

The Birdman of Corton/Hopton
- The Suffolk Birding Diary of the other Lizard Land James .... The one and only Mr. James Brown. Get on down......

Association "Le Clipon"
- Excellent website for keeping abreast of seabird sightings from just across the North Sea. Usually contains a gripping array of sightings as perfectly illustrated in February 2004 by the Ross's Gull which lingered long enough to be photographed. The stuff Lizard dreams are made of....... [in English and French].

Durham Bird Tours  -  If you are visiting County Durham you may wish to check out this website.

Dutch Birding Association - Want to gripped off by loads of top quality rarity pictures? Then check out this page! Guaranteed gripping!!! The location map accompanying the rare bird news is very cool. Highly recommended.

Birdline East Anglia - Contact details for Birdline East Anglia and a monthly bird news summary for each of the counties of East Anglia.

BirdNews -
Features a map of UK and by moving the cursor over the map the rarest bird sightings are revealed. Plus rare bird email alert service.

Harlequin Pictures -
A selection of Robin Chittenden’s photographs with links to his photographic blog and other websites where his work can be viewed.

UK Rarity News
  - via the Birdguides site. You will need to register an email address to access this service.

Birdwatch Magazine - Website of the UK bird magazine.

RSPB - The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds website. Check out the webcams.

Rare Birds in Spain - As its name implies news about rare birds in Spain, including the Siberian Blue Robin on 18th October 2000.

British Ornithologists Union - Keep up to date with the official British List.

HBW - Handbook of the Birds of the World. Volume 8 has just been published in 2003, you might want to keep up to date with their progress. - Bird news from Bavaria. - A joint venture between American and European birders, with photos, artists sketches and articles galore. Definitely worth a look.

FatBirder - Birding resource with extensive selection of links, the UK counties section should come in very handy.

Euro Birdnet News - From the news here you may be able to spot the next invasion or eruption before it reaches our shores.

Worldtwitch  - Bird News from around the world.


Landguard Bird Observatory - Check out the bird migration happenings at t'other end of the Suffolk coast.

Delta Birding - website about birding in the South-west part of The Netherlands (only in Dutch, but you can always use the Babelfish translator link at the foot of this page).

Falsterbo Bird Observatory - website of this Swedish migration hotspot.

Heligoland Bird Observatory - website devoted to the birds occurring on the island of Helgoland. In German & English.

Fair Isle Bird Observatory - UK bird migration news news from up north!

Portland Bird Observatory - UK bird migration news from down south!

BTO - The British Trust for Ornithology website.

European Colour Ringing - want to know where a colour ringed or tagged bird you have just seen comes from? You will almost certainly find it here.

Photoguide to colour ringed birds - as a compliment to the website above a huge range of photographs of various colour ringed birds from a wide range of the schemes in operation.

Osprey Satellite Tracking - Excellent site covering the introduction of Ospreys to Rutland Water, and the subsequent movements of these birds and some of their parents in Scotland.


RSPB Lowestoft & District Local Group  -  Details about the local members group of the RSPB with a programme of talks and field trips.

Great Yarmouth Bird Club - check out the website of our neighbours 10 miles to the north.

Southend RSPB Members Group - If you are visiting our neighbouring County of Essex, you may wish to check this site out to find out where to go and what's about.


Latest satellite picture of Europe - From the Weather Channel. A huge range of weather related news from around the world is available on this excellent site. Highly recommended.

Spaceweather - Forecasts relating to solar storms and sunspots and aurorae from the Spaceweather Bureau.


Hubble Space Telescope pictures - View a selection of the best images taken by the Hubble. Highly recommended.

NASA photos of Earth - View the extensive catalogue of the Office of Earth Sciences Astronaut Photography Database to view the photos of Earth taken by NASA astronauts since 1968.

Night vs Day - Watch the progress of day and night around the planet plotted on a map, at the Earth and Moon Viewer. You can customize the view as well.


Waveney District Council  -  Visitor details for the local area.

Weather forecast for East Anglia - The BBC Online Weather page for East Anglia.


Babelfish from Yahoo - For those of us not too good at foreign languages. A very useful website for when you come across a web page in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese or even Russian, that might hold information you need. Just put the URL in the box, or cut and paste a block of text, click the button and it is translated for you, into pretty good English, or even between French and German. Not 100% accurate but you will almost certainly be able to get the gist of it, and have a good laugh too. For instance do you know what a Dwarf Sump Chicken is? No? It's a Baillon's Crake translated from German to English. Perhaps you can find better.