1. Check M.S.‘s description against brass. Have any parts been lost since M.S. recorded it? Is the position in the church still the same? Note any differences.

2. Record measurements (vertical x horizontal to nearest mm) of all components: effigies, inscriptions, groups of children, shields, evang. symbols, overall dimensions of canopies, overall dimensions of marginal inscriptions (vertical x horizontal x width of fillet).

3. Slab - note type of stone - Purbeck, non-Purbeck etc.; if in doubt give colour. Record measurements to nearest 5 mm. Has the slab been separated from the brass? Has the slab been re-used? Evidence of rivet heads, redundant plug holes etc. If original slab not apparent in church, search churchyard.


1. Give full names of commemorated, titles, dates of death, age, plus any interesting biographical information as recorded on the brass; record maker’s name if given or any monogram etc.; give position in church, whether mural.

2. If a brass is of exceptional interest, e.g. figure or cross, give full description, recording all components; measure overall size of brass and size of prinicipal component (if relevant) to nearest mm; record type of stone and measure to nearest 5 mm.

Note. Anything may count as a brass from the simplest inscription to an organ plate with the repairer’s name and phone number! If in doubt record it.


1. List all component parts and give measurements to nearest 5 mm.

2. Note type of stone and give measurements to nearest 5 mm; note condition, e.g. worn, cracked, cut down, etc.

3. Give position in church.

4. Anything unusual about indent, e.g. square rivet holes, wooden plugs etc.


Measurements. Please give in the form Vertical x Horizontal in mm. Measure metal to nearest mm, slabs and indents to nearest 5 mm.

Check churchyard for any external brasses/indents.

Check church guide if available. Note and record any relevant information on brasses. If guide is illustrated please record so we can include in list of illustrations. Are there any postcards illustrating the brasses?

Try and search R.C. churches.

William Lack, H Martin Stuchfield and Phillip Whittemore