Compiled by William Lack

PDF version 5 © William Lack 2007

This topographical listing updates the index which was originally published to coincide with the Monumental Brass Society‘s centenary in 1987. The original arrangement has been simplified to save space.

I have attempted to include all but the most trivial references to churches which contain, or have contained, brasses, incised slabs and allied monuments. Original references to the name of the person commemorated have been converted into references to the church concerned.

The topographic arrangement follows that established by Haines and Mill Stephenson and continued in The County Series. In line with The County Series entries for museums and societies have been included within the relevant counties and entries under a common heading (e.g. Cambridge) have been re-arranged in (computer-sorted) alphabetical order. The foreign section is based on the List and Appendices compiled by Dr H K Cameron.

The entry for each church contains one or more of the following sections:
   T:references from the Transactions.
   B:references from the Bulletins.
   ILL:references to illustrations in the Transactions, Bulletins and Portfolios.

The contents of each section appear in chronological order of publication, i.e. in numerical order of volume and then of page. The illustrations section is the only section specifying brasses individually. Brasses have been identified by their L.S.W. numbers up to Durham, and then by their M.S. numbers. Where Stephenson listed lost brasses by numbers these have been used.

Abbreviations have been adopted wherever possible to reduce space and avoid repetition, e.g.

   T1.ii.23   Transactions, vol i, part ii, page 23
T10.56Transactions, vol x, page 56
B3.22Bulletin, number 3, page 22
P1.ii.4Portfolio, vol i, part ii, plate 4
P6.46Portfolio, vol vi, plate 46
LLost brass or indent with date or reference number based on published lists
ISIncised Slab

At present the index encompasses references to M.B.S. Transactions vols. I to XVII, part 3 (1887-2005), Bulletins numbers 1 to 104 (1972-2007) and Portfolios vols. I to VIII (1894-1984). It has been compiled over a period of nearly twenty years and on a variety of computer systems. It will inevitably contain errors, omissions and inconsistencies and I will be most grateful for any corrections.

William Lack
May 2007