Compiled by William Lack

PDF version #1 © William Lack 2005

This index comprises three sections.

The first section is a topographic list of references and illustrations. I have attempted to include all but the most trivial references to churches which contain, or have contained, brasses, incised slabs and allied monuments. Original references to the name of the person commemorated have been converted into references to the church concerned.

The topographic arrangement for the United Kingdom follows that established by Haines and Mill Stephenson and continued in The County Series. In line with The County Series entries for museums and societies have been included within the relevant counties and entries under a common heading (e.g. Cambridge) have been re-arranged in (computer-sorted) alphabetical order. The foreign section is based on the List and Appendices compiled by Dr H.K. Cameron.

The second section is a general index which is not intended to be comprehensive but to list major papers, lecture reports, conference reports, etc.

The third section is an alphabetic index of books and important papers reviewed or described in the Notes on Books and Articles.

William Lack
October 2005