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Family History

William and Eliza (née PINNOCK) WINDEBANK

Date William WINDEBANK Eliza PINNOCK Ref.
about 1805 Born in Bighton, Hampshire.    
about 1816   Born in Chichester, Sussex.  

Swing riots including:

  • wages meetings and riots in Chichester, Sussex
  • riots in Bighton, Hampshire.
? William WINDEBANK married Eliza PINNOCK.  
1842? Their son, James William WINDEBANK born in Bighton HGS Index to 1851 census. Vol 22
1847? Their son, Henry WINDEBANK born in Bighton HGS Index to 1851 census. Vol 22

Census - Two pages in the census for Bighton (217, 218) show WINDEBANKs. Assuming that these represent two families, the family at 218 are:

  • William (46)
  • Eliza (35) from Chichester, Sussex
  • James W. (9) - this could be the James W. WINDEBANK living in Kingston (Surrey) in 1881. Kingston is fairly near to East Molesey, where William and Eliza's daughter (Sarah - see below) got married to Willie TAYLOR in 1873
  • Henry (4)

HGS Index to 1851 census. Vol 22

More information about the Windibanks found in the 1851 census can be seen in:

family tree William WINDEBANK's family tree

family tree John WINDEBANK's family tree

18 March 1852 Their daughter, Sarah Eliza WINDEBANK, was born in Bighton, Hampshire. William was working as a grocer at the time. Register of births: Jun 1852, WINDEBANK, Sarah Eliza, Alresford, 2c 111

William died when Sarah was a child, and Eliza remarried. Sarah had one or two step brothers. She also had a brother, John and a sister, Amelia.

Personal correspondance 12 Sept 2002.
9 Nov 1857   Eliza married Henry CANNONS, Southampton Registry office Information supplied by relation studying same branch of family.
1871 census  

The census shows Eliza living in ??the Knap?? in Bighton:

  • Henry CANNONS (age 50) born Medstead, Hampshire
  • Eliza CANNONS (age 55) born Sussex
  • Samuel Windebank, step-son (age 16), farm servant, born Bighton
  • Albert CANNONS (age 14) farm servant, born Bighton
  • Alice CANNONS (11) scholar, born Bighton.


1871 census, RG10 Piece 1224 Folio 47? Page 4
1881 census


The 1881 census shows Eliza living at the Botton in Bighton:

  • Henry CANNONS (age 62) born Medstead, Hampshire
  • Eliza CANNONS (age 66) born Chichester, Sussex
  • Albert CANNONS (age 24) born Bighton, Hampshire

LDS CD-ROM 1881 census index. FHL Film 1341304 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 1244 Folio 45 Page 6