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Family History

James William and Mary Ann (née PLATE/PLANK) WINDEBANK

Date James William WINDEBANK Mary Ann PLANK (PLATE?) Ref.
about 1843 born in Bighton, Hampshire to William and Eliza WINDEBANK    

about 1843

(or about 1841)


born in Easton, Wiltshire

born in Malborough, Wiltshire

LDS CD-ROM 1881 census index.

HGS Index to 1891 census. Vol 20

1851 census

Census shows that William (46) and Eliza (35) WINDEBANK were living in Bighton and had two children living at home at the time of the census:

  • James W (9)
  • Henry (4)

HGS Index to 1851 census. Vol 22


  1. this is the same James W that was living in Kingston at the time of the 1881 census
  2. that there are two families living in Bighton, one represented by Bundle no. 217, and one by Bundle no. 218.
?unknown James William WINDEBANK and Mary Ann PLANK married.  
18 Jan 1869 Their son, George William WINDEBANK was born in East Molesey, Surrey. James was working as a gardener at the time. Register of births: Mar 1869, WINDEBANK, George William, Kingston, 2c 309
1871? Their son, William WINDEBANK, was born in Surbiton, Surrey. LDS CD-ROM 1881 census index.
26 Sep 1873 Their daughter, Mary Matilda WINDEBANK, was born in Walton Road, East Molesey. James was still working as a gardener. Sarah Eliza WINDEBANK, who is likely to have been James' sister, married William TAYLOR at St. Paul's church in East Molesey a few weeks before this. Register of births: Dec 1873, WINDEBANK, Mary Matilda, Kingston, 2a 294
1876? Their son, Charles WINDEBANK, was born in Maldon, Surrey LDS CD-ROM 1881 census index.
1878 William 'Windybank' is listed as a greengrocer in Cambridge Grove Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey. Post Office Directory Surrey 1878
1881 census

The census shows that James, Mary and their children were living in Cambridge Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey. James was working as a shop keeper. Members of the household were:

  • James W (38), born Bighton, Hampshire
  • Mary Ann (38), born Easton, Wiltshire
  • George W (12), born East Molesey, Surrey
  • William (10), born Surbiton, Surrey
  • Matilda (8), born Molesey, Surrey
  • Charles (5), born Malden, Surrey

LDS CD-ROM 1881 census index.

Another Windibank from Bighton, found in the 1881 census was

family tree Samuel WINDEBANK.

1891 census

The census shows that the family had moved back to Bighton:

  • James WINDEBANK (50) grocer, born Bighton, Hampshire
  • Mary A (50), born Malborough, Wiltshire
  • George W (22), farm labourer, born East Molesey, Surrey
  • Arthur C (13), born Malden, Surrey
1891 census.