The Tamplin Family History Project

As a retirement project, my wife and I have embarked on a quest to research the Tamplin / Tampling name in its entirely via a "One Name study". To date, following numerous visits to various libraries and family history centres, we have accumulated a listing of about 4,000 Tamplin names (past and present), which via census returns and other methods we are gradually grouping into communities and families. In addition we have tried to collect as much data as possible about each name, so that the stories become more interesting and the information more accurate. To aid our research we are using a computer program - Family Tree for Windows - Ver 3.4, which supports the internationally recognised GEDCOM format.

It is important for us to state at the outset that we are not professional genealogists and a lot of our charts are based on deductive reasoning rather than confirmed positive proof. However, most people seem to agree on the broad picture and we are only too happy to amend details as they emerge and become confirmed.

If your name is Tamplin or Tampling or you know of anybody who married into this family, we would very pleased to hear from you. In fact, any information concerning the name Tamplin would be most welcome.

Can you help? Please contact us by e-mail:-