SPRING 2000 - ISSUE 30

Issue 30 contains a strong Irish theme, and features a pilgrimage to the early Celtic Christian monastic site at Glendalough in County Wicklow. The cover picture above shows Glendalough's wonderfully well preserved Round Tower, which dates from the 9th/10th century. Inside this issue there is also an article by Celtic artist Simeon Walker on "Travels round Ireland", a fascinating journey which takes the reader through some of Ireland's ancient sites, monuments and crosses, finally ending up at Trinity Hall, Dublin, the home of the legendary Book of Kells. There is a fascinating article on Coracle construction, by Kevin Grimley, and we continue in our recent series of British Celtic Tribes. In the last issue we looked at the Durotriges Tribes, and in this current issue Margot Miller writes an informed account of the Late Iron age Dobunni Tribes of western Britain, and their history. There is a look at the new centre for early Celtic culture at Latenium in Switzerland, and there are book reviews of various new titles including the excellent new volume 'Druids' by Dr Anne Ross, author of the well-known book 'Pagan Celtic Britain'. Anne's husband, Richard Feacham has also written an article on the potential of Ironwork within the Celtic crafts renaissance of the 21st century. Plus much more, all of which can be enjoyed when you subscribe to this excellent magazine!

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