Pembrokeshire is situated on the extreme South West of Wales and is a peninsula with ocean on three sides. It is one of the few remaining areas of exceptional natural beauty in the UK which is relatively unspoilt by contemporary civilization and has a rich cultural heritage stretching back many thousands of years. Many of the ancient monuments found in this area could be referred to as Celtic but the energy of the landscape is timeless and has inspired countless generations including the present one to experience and explore the deeper realities of life. The idea behind this site is to introduce you to some of the treasures to be found in this extraordinary county and also to encourage you to visit.

Gors Fawr Stone Circle in the Heart of the Presely Hills

There are so many places of scenic and cultural interest in this area that only a few can be covered on this site, at least to start off with. Many of the articles found here are contributed by the editor of Celtic Connection Magazine, David James, and you may like to visit the magazine's site to explore The Celtic World in greater depth. Below are a few images to start your exploration of Celtic Pembrokeshire. They all link up in a circular fashion like Celtic knot work so it does n't matter where you start! In some cases on the photographic tour we may transcend the concept of county boundaries....

Gors Fawr Stone Circle and the Presely Hills

Dreaming Stone, Gors Fawr

This standing stone is separate from the main circle but part of it. It has unusual magnetic properties and it is said to facilitate "dreaming" and "seeing visions".

Pentre Ifan,Tycanol, Nevern and Carn Ingli

Pentre Ifan

Pentre Ifan is one of the most famous sites in this area with a fascinating history. The hill of the angels (Carn Ingli) is in the background.

St Davids, St Nons and St Davids Head.

St Davids Cathedral

St Davids is an ancient site of great significance in the Christian Tradition but like so many Christian sites it is placed on an older site going back many thousands of years.

Some places of especial scenic beauty.

Photographic Tour

Pembrokeshire is famous for its coastline, which is breathtakingly beautiful. On a sunny evening many people can be found gazing out to sea as the sun sets.
This web site is part of the Trallwyn Holiday Cottages site. Trallwyn is adjacent to Gors Fawr and accommodation is available at Trallwyn Cottages all year. Visitors are very welcome to come and enjoy this beautiful and peaceful setting with its wild and magical landscape.

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*Gors Fawr Stone Circle and the Presely Hills*Pentre Ifan,Tycanol, Nevern and Carningli

*St Davids, St Nons and St Davids Head*Some places of especial scenic beauty.

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