WINTER 1999 - ISSUE 29

The cover shown here illustrates the massive Iron age hill fort of Maiden Castle in Dorset, the largest hill fort in Britain. During the 2nd and 1st centuries BC this was the main centre of the Durotriges Celtic tribes of south west Britain. This issue has an article on the boundaries, history, and coinage of the Durotriges tribes. There is also an illustrated article on the discovery and subsequent research of an Iron age site in Dorset by the editor of Celtic Connections, which outlines his work on the site for five years prior to the major archaeological dig carried out by UK Channel 4 TV's Time Team programme in April of 1999. The coin photographs on the cover shown here are of Roman coins (and a silver mediaeval one) found during the initial years of research on the site. Further articles include a description of the 3rd annual 'Festval Celtique' held in the Aosta region of northern Italy, a venue for Celtic art, crafts, music and culture from around the world. There is also a description of Celtic woodcarving in west Wales by Phil Forder, who carves beautiful life-size Celtic crosses in wood, with designs based on early Welsh stone crosses such as those at Nevern and Llantwit Major. Plus much more, all of which can be enjoyed when you subscribe to this excellent magazine!

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