Jaime Harding

Singer, lyricist, songwriter.

Favourite music: 'Rock and Roll' (guitars and Moog synths) From old to modern! Fav era probably 70's.

Favourite artists: Presley, Harry Nilsen, David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Anthony Newley, Lou Reed and many, many more.

Favourite albums: Lou Reed-Transformer, Iggy Pop-Lust for life and Fun house, David Bowie-Lodger, Low and Aladdin Sane, Velvets-A.Warhol.

Favourite song on The Program: Strangers (ESP from middle 8 to the end), then Comeback.

Plans for the millennium: Give up smoking, find the right deal and be constantly in the charts!

Future musical plans: To remain prolific!

Why did the last Marion split? I left when the music I was receiving and the general feeling became flat

How did you get together with your new writing partner (Wayne Ward)? I knew him for 15 years previous and was always convinced that we would write together at some stage. Although I never anticipated the outcome that has been achieved.

Are you keeping the name Marion? The name Marion belongs to me and only I use it. Even at the start of the last Marion the idea was to collaborate with different musicians until it ran its course, then to find new music and inspiration for me to carry on my work. So even though now I am working and writing with Wayne Ward, my work is far from disjointed from my previous body of work, yet very different! I am an artist and my work is always a continuation of previous work. Wayne Ward will soon be recognised as say, Johnny Marr is for the Smiths or Mick Ronsan or Will for the Bunnymen's music. I have worked with quite a few world renowned musicians and producers, but Wayne is the closest to a genius I have worked with, as you will undoubtedly see and hear for yourselves in the New Year!

What are your plans for touring? Well, at present we own our own recording studio (Ard/Ard studios) in Manchester which is easily capable of recording the next Marion album in. As Wayne plays every instrument (drum, guitars, percussion, basses, piano, keyboards and backing vocals). We have no clear picture as yet to when touring will commence. We know we must have regular musicians with us for tours, t.v, mtv and radio sessions etc, as the thought of different session musicians, forever changing is unappealing. Although all their parts will already be written we feel that we need a regular band and 'the right band' as personalities are important, not only for Wayne and myself but for fans especially. We have no doubt that the latest we will be touring by will be mid-2000, but myself and Wayne will be playing a handful of acoustic shows in the next few months (probably at various venues in Manchester).

How would you describe your new musical direction? More musical, less straightforward (in respect of being less like an 'indie' band) for instance, the guitars are not distorted on all the songs. We have used a lot of acoustic guitars and some strings. The feel is more mature and less in a panic, yet I would say more powerful than previous songs

Have you anything to say to your fans and supporters of the last 5 years? Fear not. The ultimate merchandise has arrived, and what a relief it is to hand you the next album safe in the knowledge that it is one of the finest rock'n'roll albums I've ever heard (and of course you deserve nothing less). Lastly, I Know it hasn't been easy for you.
Viddy you all soon,

Love and Respect.

Jaime Harding

Interview for Chance website 24.12.99

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