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Nonresidential Parenting; New Vistas for Family Living (book review)

Charlene Depner & James Bray

Sage Publications, 1993. ISBN 0-8039-5051-9. 19.50

This, relatively up to date collection of academic articles edited by Charlene Depner and James Bray is an attempt to analyse and discuss the role of non resident parents in contemporary society. It asks a number of key questions. How can policy makers and professionals who work with families address the emotional and financial needs of children who do not live with both parents ? What resources exist for developing parenting agreements between mothers and fathers who live apart ? What should be done when a child refuses to visit the non residential parent ? What effect does a parents remarriage have on a child ?

The book is divided into two sections; 1) Nonresidential Parents, Who are they ? and 2) Using Social Science Research in Policy and Practice. There are interesting articles by Joan Kelly, 'Developing and Implementing Post Divorce Parenting Plans' p 136 and also by Janet Johnston, 'Children of Divorce who Refuse Visitation' p 109.

At 19.50 for the paperback edition it is a bit steep. Why not request that your local library gets hold of it for you.

Arthur Baker, June 1996

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