Travels - Introduction


1940-1944? British Columbia, Canada
1960s: Jersey
1970s: Ireland
1980: Paris
1982: Mauritius;  New York,
1983: Orlando
1986: Den Haag 
1980s: Madrid and Orlando for conferences of my professional body.
1982: Florence
1990s: Honduras and New Mexico for conferences of FWCC (Interntional Quakers)
1990s: Several European cities for conferences of EMES (European Quakers) (Prague, Brussels, ? in Netherlands, Helsinki, Berlin)
2000: Sleeping under the stars in the Western Desert (Egypt)
2001-2002 round the world journey
2003: Palestine
2004: Sri Lanka and India for six weeks
2004: Palestine for the second time
2005: Sri Lanka as an International Monitor of their Presidential election
2005: USA & Canada
2006 - 2008: Spain, France, Italy
2009: USA, BVI, and Canada.
2011: Sri Lanka and India again.
2012: Paris
2014: India
2014/15: Morocco
2016: Got now further than Cornwall!
2017: India (Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Rishikesh)
2018: Montreal, PQ
2019: Costa del Sol, Spain (Twice)


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