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Personal Descriptions

Jennifer Kavanagh & Stephen Petter

"...that I might feel and understand their life and the Spirit they live in, if haply I might receive some instruction from them, or they be in any degree helped forward by my following the leadings of Truth amongst them." - John Woolman

Jennifer and Stephen are both members of the Quaker meeting in Westminster, London. They plan to travel extensively for a year starting just after Easter, 2001.

Their itinerary includes South and Central America, the USA and Canada, two Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, India, China, Mongolia, Russia and Sweden.

Jennifer Kavanagh has been a Quaker for 4 years. During this time she sold the literary agency she had created, and took up work for Quaker Social Action, working in the East End the socially and economically disadvantaged area of London. Here she established a community centre then went on to found one of the first micro credit organisations in Britain. This followed her award of a Churchill Fellowship that enabled her to study micro credit in Bangladesh, Poland and France. She has served as Clerk to Westminster Quaker Meeting and as Clerk to Quaker Homeless Action.

Stephen Petter has been a Quaker for around 30 years. In that time he has served on many Committees including clerkships of Ministry and Counsel, and of the Monthly Meeting, in Orlando Florida. He attended Friends World Conference in Honduras in 1991 and then served as a representative to FWCC and on the Executive Committee of the European and Middle East Section. In Britain YM he has served on Meeting for Sufferings and on the committee of Quaker Homeless Action, and as an elder in his meeting, Westminster. Before retirement Stephen was employed as a computer programmer. He has a commercial qualification in teaching English as a second language. A member of the Green Party, he has been a candidate in local and national elections. He attended the Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre for three months in 1999.

Stephen (64) and Jennifer (54) are both divorced. Each has two adult children and Stephen has three grandchildren.


They both seek opportunities for extended periods of reflection, meditation and spiritual nourishment. To this end they spent some weeks in the Egyptian desert in 2000. They feel they need to understand more of other cultures and philosophies, and more at a deeper level of the lives and conditions other people and Friends. Each of them is keen to share their knowledge, skills, and insights if and when these are sought, both during and after their travels.

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