My wish list (Updated 27/9/11)

Gourmet foods e.g crystallized ginger  (and more of that caviar like James brought from Sweden!)

Liquorice, liquorice stick, root ginger.

Wine (e.g. 7 to 12 a bottle). Margeaux, Entre Deux Mers, etc.

Chocolates: Marks & Spencer's Ginger Globes (4.99)

or their Fruit and Nut Luxury Selection, 4.99 for 300g.

John Lewis's Ganache Truffles, 100g, 8.

Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Belgian Chocolate, 100g, 99p

Home-made marmalade

Green tea, esp 'Dragon'

'Gunpowder' Tea

Share meal at good resaurant 1. French 2. Italian, 3. Greek,


Waist-coat (must be bright!)

Cravat (ditto)

Socks (Brown / fawn colour - wool or part wool.)

Classic music CDs (Purcell, Bach, Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven's late Quartets, also classic Indian music - Ragas).

Anthology of Verse / Poetry.

Suduko book - moderate level.

Tokens for gardening things including plants

"RHS Garden Plants and Flowers", pub RHS, 13.95 To order call 0845 271 2134

Combined kneeler/seat for gardeners. (On sale at Gardiner Haskins, Bristol.)

Please dont give me anything bulky - I haven't got house-room!

Rough Guides: Turkey, Iran, North India, South India (second-hand OK if not too old.)

Calendar with Mondays as first day of week. 

Idiot's Guide to CAD. (Computer Aided Design)

Office chair (must be soft)

Flight Simulator software

Electronics kit (5 from Maplins)

SSB Receiver (better still - a Transmitter/Receiver)

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