My wish list               Updated 18/1/21              NB the list is not in priority order)

Please don't give me anything bulky - I haven't got house-room!

Vase for large flowers

Rum (Captn Morgan)

Silver (sterling or well-plated) dessert spoon and  fork

Garden Centre Gift Vouchers

Simple basic (child's) water-colour painting set

Gourmet foods e.g crystallized ginger, liquorice stick, root ginger.

Wine (e.g. �9 to �15 a bottle). Margeaux, Entre Deux Mers, etc.

Chocolates: Marks & Spencer's Ginger Globes

John Lewis's Ganache Truffles.

Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Belgian Chocolate, 100g, 99p

Home-made marmalade

Arkan Oil

Tea Tree Oil


Cafetiere (2 plus cup) (Nesbitt's sell excellent metal cafetieres)

Whiskey (cheapest is OK)

Suduko book - moderate level.

Hiker's boots.


Flight Simulator software and hardware

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