MY POLITICS - A statement of where I stand on many issues.

(Though rather hastily composed.)

"Peace, Justice, and the Integrity of Creation"

Strengthen the UN

Only the UN to interfere in a countryís internal affairs.

An end to War as an outmoded, inefficient and immoral means of settling disputes.

Trade Justice

Relieve poorest nationsí debts.

Justice for Palestinians.

Support the World Court

Reversal of Climate Change

Contraction and convergence re Carbon emissions.

Maintain diversity of species.

Conserve forest

Protect indigenous people.


Britain not to go to war

except in clear self defence of Britainís borders or with UN blue helmets.

Pull out of Iraq as quickly as possible without worsening the situation

General reduction of military machine (initially to EU average levels).

No Trident replacement

Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament: Britain a nuclear free country.

Close US military and CIA bases.

Ban CIA torture flights over Britain.

Invest at least 1% of GDP as aid in poorest countries.

Aim for increased Quality of Life not increased consumption per se.

No use of torture.

Proportional Representation in all elections

Restrict election expenditure; Fund political parties.

Free University Education (I agree with Labourís 50% target)

(or max loan £5000)

No PFI: permit Hospitals and Local Authorities to borrow.

Lower taxes on jobs, higher on limited resources

Complete the metrication programme

Rescind Thatcherís bus de-regulation.

Bus companies to compete for 5 year franchises.

Effectively ban all Ďsportsí which involve animal cruelty

Maintain social services: Replace complex benefits with Basic Income.

Promote rail for passengers and goods

Introduce a Carbon tax

Effective air pollution control

Reduce use of pesticides especially near schools and homes

LOCAL (Bristol area)

Buses: Introduce quicker ticketing

Make tickets valid anywhere for 1 hour

More bus lanes - (with less engineering works)

Integrated Transport Hub at Temple Meads

Enforce parking restrictions on bus routes and main roads

Stop parking where it causes obstruction

Aim of parking control should be practical objectives, not fund-raising.

Pay for improvements by congestion charging and charges for all-day parking

Several radical measures to reduce Bristolís traffic congestion.

(See my article on "Solving Bristolís Traffic Problem")

Vehicle emissions: pollution control. (Clean fuels especially in City Centre)

Encourage car sharing through regulation.

Set up an affordable car club.

Support anti-speeding cameras. Speed kills!

Regional Assembly should hold to its mission statement (re being for (current) inhabitants), i.e. not to attract 100,000 new homes into this already congested area)

ĎOpen, fair, and transparent planningí (as promised but never delivered)

Redefine school catchment areas.

Effective action to improve Bristolís deplorable record on schools.

Hospitals: expand Frenchay not Southmead,

Maintain local hospitals and clinics

3- or 4-box recycling. (Current Lib Dem plan costs £50 up front!)

Water metering

Renewable Energy: Local combined power and heating (esp in new estates)

Use tidal power in addition to wind turbines

Encourage roof-top solar panels; water-saving systems

Require all new buildings to be eco-friendly

Why no fruit and veg market?

Improve pavements, street-lighting and road-name signs

Devolution of some powers and budget to parochial level (e.g. ward or polling district): elected district managers.

TOTTERDOWN and Windmill Hill

Build the Totterdown community centre soon

Better footways and cycleways

(Especially those on Bath Road from Station to Three Lamps.)

Crack down on Crack. Zero Tolerance on Drugs.

Drunks. Keep a close watch on late-opening pubs.

Noise. Help residents get action from Council.

Litter. Enforce Litter Laws. More frequent street sweeping.

Make shops like Tesco pay for their negative impact on our neighbourhood

Traffic on Wells Road. Enforce speed restrictions.

Pollution: Ban lorries going up hill on Wells Road.

Publicise and support the 503 bus.

CCTV at pedestrian crossings.

Donít build on Oxford Street car park

Reduce hazards on St Johns Lane

Help Marksbury Road area get community centre in Jubilee Hall.

20 mph speed limit under bridge on St Lukes Road.

Reduce cyclistsí hazards e.g. sunken drains.

Totterdown / Windmill Hill to be Bristolís artistsí and crafts quarter.



Outwith Green Party policy I support the EU and its proposed Constitution, and the Euro.

Outwith GP Policy I am all for tight regulation of our education system. Bristol is near bottom in Britain; Britainís standards are poor wrt Europe and the developed world. We can maintain our QOL only if well educated. We must make the schools perform better. The first essential step is measurement and publication of performance.


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