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Old Stories ('Old Articles')

Politics and Environmental

14/7/07: Letter to Bristol Councillor re ARENA

14/7/07: Letter to Bristol Councillor i/c Planning.

14/4/07: My election address : Local elections 2007.

22/9/06 Proposed CONSTITUTION for Bristol South Green Party. Also draft Standing Orders

22/4/06 Letter to Planners about Transport Hub for Bristol - and Planners failure to plan!

25/3/06 Press Release - Me as Green Party Candidate for Windmill Hill and Totterdown

18/8/05: Letter to Bristol Planners

30/7/05: Letter to Executive Coucillor on Planning and a Public Transport Hub in Bristol

12/7/05: Letter on Frenchay vs Southmead sites for Hospital Expansion.

26/5/05: Many of my letters and Reports about Bristol Public Transport, the Arena, and the need for an integrated transport interchange or Hub.

26/3/05: Another Visit to Bristol's Integrated Transport Hub, re-written for our JTPlanners.

25/12/04 Christmas message

2/12/04: Letter to my M.P. I wrote this to her the first day I was back in UK.
Includes three very recent reports from Palestine about the Israeli Government's and the Settlers' latest attacks.

15/10/04: Neutrality - Palestine and Israel (An excessivly long article but a good case for avoiding invalid neutrality.)

11/10/04: Terrorism in Palestine! Letter to NY Times from Albert Einstien et al in 1948.

11/10/04 The Centre as a Bus Interchange

8/10/04: The Claim that Bristol HAS a Transport Hub!

4/10/04: My opinion on the location of regional specilist hospitals

28/9/04. Letter to various Regional Authorities about the need for a Transport Hub in Bristol.

28/9/04: A Visit to Bristol's Integrated Transport Hub, on February 31st, 2015.

6/9/04: Letter to Chair of ETL Scrutiny Comm, Bristol city Council, on need for Councillors to take initiative esp re Transport Hub.

1/4/04: Why Vote Green in the EuroElections

1/4/04: Some views of "RESPECT

1/4/04: Agenda: Forthcoming Peace and Social Witness Events

18/12/03: Proposal for a new Journal for Bristol.Online and printed. News, comment, information.

27/11/03: An article by a cleric on the "Scandalous Role of the Churches" in the Holy Land.

27/11/03: Another short article on my visit to Palestine, for the Newsletter of Bristol area Quakers.

15/11/03: More re Palestine - a letter to my local paper relating 'Bethlehem today' with Bethlehem of Christmas cards.

13/11/03. Palestine - Background Information. This is my idea of a simple briefing on Israel / Palestine.
P.S. (15/11/03) Later I realised this article is pretty inadequate. Better look at

13/11/03: Impressions and observations of my recent visit, mainly to Palestine, also to Israel. This is quite long.

13/11/03: Pictures from this visit.
(If images do not appear, try accessing domain name not

11/11/03: Palestine. Letter to my M.P. Thanks for the July 2003 Report (by the Labour middle East Council - of a Parliamentary Delegation to Israel, West Bank and Gaza; my observations, including 'what they missed'.

11/11/03: Palestine. Letter to the Press. Main point: you are duped if you think the "Apartheid Wall" is for security - it's another means of grabbing land and weakening Palestine

30/10/03: New Left Alliance?
Report on a left-wing conference "British Politics at the Cross-roads"

29/10/03 Green Vision. Report on a special meeting of Bristol Green Parties.

29/10/04 ETL October
My first time as a member of Bristol City Council's Environment, Transport and Leisure Scrutiny Commission.

2nd September 2003: Bristol Transport Forum - a report on my first attendance.

11th August: Press release from Green Party about UK's policy on global warming. Margaret Becket and some other leading New Labour ministers appreciate the gravity of the problem. Tony Blair makes the right noises but acts to increase pollution.

23rd July: My experiences at the Planning Committee, or Whose side are they on?

pre 23 July, 2003: Various pieces to Councillors re my ideas on a bus station.

Ethics, Spiritual and Religious


14/4/07: Letter to my Monthly Meeting about Charitable Status.

27/2/07: Could we be forbidden to progress? Will our Registration as a Charity make it possible to become post-Christian?

27/2/07: MM Trustees : The case for a separate Trustee body

18/8/06 Open letter to members of Meeting for Sufferings. (Of interest only to Quakers.)

25/7/06: Role of Meeting for Sufferings . (Three great tasks: Prophetic discernment, Directing central work, Nurturing the Society.)

/6/06: Trusteeship: Making Trustees Accountable to MM (Version 2, post YM )

26/5/06: Trusteeship: Making MM Trustees Accountable to MM

26/5/06: Trusteeship: Few or Many Trustees (or, if it ain't broke, don't fix it)

25/3/06 Jerry Springer The Opera - caustic comments addressed to fellow-religionists

24/3/06 Trusteeship (at MM level).
Partly supercedes 20/2/06 "Where are we going")

20/2/06 Where are we going? Observations on RECAST, Trusteeship, and becoming a Registered Charity

3/9/05: Essay on Judaic Spirituality - fascinated by an essay by Amos Oz.

28/7/05: Speaking Truth: Address at a Civic Multifaith gathering on College Green, Bristol, at 0851 on 28th July.

15/10/04: "Rise and Shine!" - teaching at a small community school in Kenya, by Heather Lister.

15/10/04: "Rise and Shine" - an appeal for this Community School in Kenya

8/10/04: Not WMD but REAL concerns.

16/9/04: My comments on RECAST proposal regarding Forums. (QPSW Central Committee object to the prospect of more and different work.)

16/9/04: My report to Monthly Meeting on recent QPSW Representative Council.

2/12/03 A letter to The Friend (British Quaker weekly journal) calling for Quakers to attend a conference on challenging Christian Zionism.

2/12/03. Flexible Organisation - an Oxymoron? Essay about the (inevitable?) inflexibility of organisations such as 'Friends House' - Britain Yearly Meeting's central structures. And how it might be overcome.

2/12/02 We must attend the Sabeel Conference on Challenging Christian Zionism!

15/11/03: Quaker International Centre: Some ideas for seminars and conferences.

29/10/03. Alister Hardy Society Annual Conference. "Spiritual Experience and the World's Religious Traditions" 12 - 14 Sept.
My very full report on this, yet another time this year when I have greatly deepened my spiritual awareness.

June 2003: Quaker Meeting for Business - some observations.

2nd June, 2003: Bread & Wine - comparing Eucharist and Quaker Worship

April 2003: Fighting War - an essay on opposing war in the Middle East.

6th August, 2003: TRUTH - towards an understanding of Truth. Includes discussion of karma, dharma, illusion, unity of all creation, the obligation to do good deeds, ...

5th August, 2003: Report: Gandhi Fellowship Summer School 2003.

25/7/03 Sikhism - notes for a talk I am to give to the Gandhi Fellowship.

July, 2003: A REALLY INTERESTING GENERAL MEETING! With pictures of some lovely Friends

July, 03: One Quaker's (mine!) View of "What Quakers Believe" Click here

July 03: One Quaker's (mine!) View of "What Quakers DO" Click here

Obituary of a Friend (Adrian Cairns), plus my story of meeting him Click here

January 2003: Comments on Reorganisation of Quaker structures, with some radical suggestions Here

March 2003: Strong criticism of Quakers' so-called 'Long Term Plan' Here


"Me" Catagory

29/12/06: Full CV (in excrutiating detail)

CV for IT job applications





1   Politics and Environmental Issues

2  Values, Spiritual and Religious

3  Me, My CVs, Journals, aims, dreams and wish list.

4.Old articles


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