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I forced myself to have a restful weekend as I have been getting over-stressed. It started with James (whose divorce went through recently - but we are all still good friends) and his gf Sarah treating me to the most splendid lunch - superb table and waitering, delicious food, enchanting location near Wookey Hole in the Mendips.


I gardened and slept on Saturday and Quakered and slept on Sunday. And got thru both the Guardian and the Observer. But I worked till midnight last night, on my campaign in Windmill Hill where I am Green Party candidate, and on two items to do with being clerk of the finance committee of Bristol Quakers. One of these is a paper on what we might do with a very large 'donation' we have just received. (My other charity has received £80,000 which is an even bigger problem! So far its income has been less than £10,000 a year.)


My main job at present is being Campaign Manager for Bristol Green Party's target Ward, where we hope to retain our one seat in the City Council. I have a crisis there to be sorted today and I have to do the detailed planning for Election Day, May 6. But I hope to get time to go to the Inter-Faith Group this evening.


I have also got to do the quarterly report on the allotments of which I am 'Site Rep' - a sort of local overseer.


Last weekend I went up to London for the AGM of ICAHD (the best AGM I've ever attended) and the re-union of those who have been to Palestine with Experience Travel's study tours. So, not much time to be bored!


I will add a link to U-Tube a video of me making a speech. One of my dearest friends said she liked me as a penguin. She clearly does not know of Bristol's hero, Britain's most famous engineer - ever. Love to all!.

Me on U-Tube:


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