Letter to The Friend

Having recently been to Palestine on an intensive study tour and having heard a talk by the theology adviser of Friends of Sabeel UK on Christian Zionism, I have become convinced that this perverse doctrine is at the cornerstone of American and hence Israeli and sadly British policy in the Middle East, including the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and the violence, wars and threats of wars in the region. It occurs to me that we as Britons and as liberal Quakers have the attitudes, theology, skills and experience to act individually and corporately in a practical, positive, significant way to alleviate the situation, and a responsibility or obligation - perhaps a Call - to do so. Our first step might be to take part as a YM in the forthcoming conference in Jerusalem, convened by Sabeel, on "Challenging Christian Zionism - Theology, Politics, and the Palestine-Israel Conflict".

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Bristol and Frenchay MM.