RECAST and the servicing of the proposed Forums.

My feeling is that it is regrettable that QPSW CC has objected to the sentence in the RECAST proposals section 5 about a more active formal role for Central Committees in the proposed new Forums. The QPSW CC view as I understand it is that firstly it will give them more work, being required to distribute info more widely, and to receive Minutes which inevitably requires work. Secondly that to do this would be far more difficult with Listed Informal Groups whose concerns and approaches etc etc (inc degree of support for the CC) may be very unlike those of bodies such as MMs and Rep Council.

My PM and most Friends at Rep Council all greatly welcome the inclusion of the LIGs into the new Forums. I think most of us failed to see the implication of the sentence about which QPSW CC objects.

My view is that this is indeed quite a radical proposal which would alter the perhaps over cosy relationship that CC now has with Rep Council, and add to CC's workload. However I think it a very heathy proposal. It would do much to keep active vibrant concerned groups of Friends involved with QPSW, and i think it would make QPSW CC (and similarly QL) more aware of the concerns of members who find unattractive or impossible the current channels for bringing the concerns (and support) to the central bodies.

I see this also in the context of the considerable cuts in recent years in the numbers of Friends actively involved in CCs and other central groups, and the expected reduction in membership of MfS, plus the possible laying down of GMs. It has long been felt by many that LIGs need a channel into and from BYM. The proposed Forums will alleviate and rectify these needs. The extra work of CCs (and hence of staff) is fully justified and will do much to keep the centre more in touch with the members, and vice versa, while still keeping to the restriction that (other than letters like this) individual members do not have direct links with the centre (other than at and during YM).

I think almost all aspects of the RECAST Emerging Proposals are admirable. I will be very disappointed if any of their proposals are substantially rejected.


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