Pictures from Palestine, November 2003.

These are some of the photos I took. I ran out of digital camera memory so I have none of the last few days. I'd be grateful if colleagues would share some of theirs with me - especially some of us giving presents to the children as i promised to give one to my donor.

Each photo is about 400k and is size 6 by approx 4. I do have them bigger with far more pixels.

(If the pictures don't come at all (or appear as gibberish) try accessing this blog via

1. Ernesto with a tiny Nun.



2. The group on Day 1 Part 1 of 2.



3. The group on Day 1 Part 2 of 2.



4. Jeff Halper


5. Lunch on a rooftop in the Old City  
6. (Ref 36) Where the Separation or Apartheid Wall goes along a street. This had been a busy thoroughfare quite recently. At this point the wall custs the main road to Bethany.  
8, (Ref 37) People struggling over the wall. soon it will be replaced by an impenetrable wall 8 yes 8 metres high.  
9. A Ramadan feast for us at a Peace Centre.  
10. Feasting.  
11. then the speeches.  
12. a road block  
13 At a cultural centre. This man directed a play about life in occupied Palestine that was acclaimed in Britain and elsewhere.  
14. The Head Quarters of the Palestine Authority, after a visit from their friendly neighbour. Whish side really wants peace?  
15. Chatting in the garden in Bethlehem University.  
16. Students at Beth U.  
17, 18, 19, 20. A visit to the church of the Nativity. The nave, entrance to the grotto, where Jesus was born, an ancient canvas that caught my eye.  
21. Children in a refugee camp.  
22. Relaxing in a home in the camp.  
23, 24. Views of hills surmounted by settlements. (Is that the wall, or is it just a settlers' road?)  
25. In the Sabeel office. One of the staff.  
26 to 29. A roadblock. We approach it. 27 No-man's land. 28. Nearly there. 29. Avoiding the razor wire. Note that the barrier here is just rubble and dirt. In winter it is slippery mud. No shelter. Notice the boy with a cart. 30. The cart overturns. Several people help.  


30, 31. Over the rooftops. Actually I was too late. A moment earlier a woman with shopping bags and several children had to climb over these roofs to get access to her home on the right. The road onto which her house faces (just visible) has been declared Jews Only.


32. Bethlehem Boundaries. How does it go? Oh little town of Bethlehem how still we see thee lie

Beneath the ... dreamless hills.

Now settlers take pot-shots into the town from their fortress-like homes, built (contrary to international law) on local farmers' grazing land. A few feet from where I took this photo the wall is is bullet-chipped.



That's All folks.

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Stephen Petter 13/11/03