Accepting Advice 1.

My concern is not so much the mindset or social

class of members, but that many do not accept that

the promptings of love and truth in their hearts

are the leadings of anything that might be called


In a recent Woodbooke session one of our group

urged that our Minute should not appear to exclude

'non-theistic' Friends by mentioning God.

I would not try to dictate anyone's beliefs but it

seem to me an affront to a testimony to truth to

be active in a leadership role (e.g. an Elder) in

a Religious Society if one rejects the basis of

religion, namely 'a God or gods'.

Friends are so anxious to welcome new members, so

afraid of saying anything to put them off, that

they do not clarify that ours is a religious

society, even in the membership visit. Consequently

able new members are quickly put into positions of

authority though their beliefs are those of

ethical humanists.

This matters. In a Meeting for Worship, and even

more so in one for business, it is difficult to

trust that what emerges is of God if several of

one's associates reject that basis.


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