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Antiquarian Horology

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Volume 12 no 3
(Autumn 1980)

Includes: Disputes Between Masters and Their Workmen (G. B. Hodgetts) / The Use of The Ultra-Violet Lamp in Painted Dial Restoration (M.F. Tennant) / The Froxfield Clock (P. A. Meecham and D.F. Nettell) / The Rise and Decline of Chronometer Manufacturing (A.C. Davies) / The 13th Century "King Hezekiah" Water Clock: Addenda (J. H. Combridge) / Sundials at Hever Castle / Eclipses at The St Alban's Clock + more! Very Good condition.  (£12)


Volume 12 no 5
(Spring 1981)

Includes: Watch Stands (Eric Street) / The Penningtons and Their Balances (Vaudrey Mercer) / A Gravity lock by Cope and Molineux / Film: British Clocks / Chinese Steelyard Clepsydras + more! (£12)


Volume 13 no 1
(September 1981)

Includes: Equation Clocks / John Poole’s Balances / The Penningtons and Their Balances / The Matthew the Miller Clock  at the Parish Church of St Mary Steps, Exeter / Watch Movement Making in Prescot + more! (£12)


Volume 13 no 4
(June 1982)

Includes: Defining A Musical Clock / Lichfield Clock / Horology and The Adams Family / The Hazards of an Early Luminous Watch / Pearson’s Water Clock + more! (£12)


Volume 13 no 5
(September 1982)

Includes: Repatriated English Clocks / James Ferguson’s Star Plate / Charles Babbage and The Invention of Workmen’s Time Recorders / Mudge’s Fourth Timekeeper / Pitt’s Clock and Watch Tax / Tompion-Quare Collaboration + more!  (£12)


Volume 16 no 1
(March 1986)

Includes: Effects of The Gravitational Attractions of The Sun and The Moon on the Period of a Pendulum / The Rack Lever Watch / Captain Kater’s Escapement + more! (£12)


Volume 16 no 4
(March 1986)

Includes: The Deacon Family of Leicestershire Clockmakers / A Pre-Balance Spring Horizontal Table Clock / A Watch in the Tradition of Pierre Le Roy’s “La Petit Ronde” / The “Doctor’s” Stop Watch + more! (£12)


Volume 16 no 5
(March 1987)

Includes: The “Pulsynetic” System and Its Place in The History of Electric Clocks / Longcase Clocks of a Distinct Design / “The Name Engraved on a Watch Plate” / Watches seen on The 1986 Tour of Holland / A Verge Watch With Alarm and Passing Strike / Watch no 28432. Addendum + more! (£12)


Volume 17 no 3
(Spring 1988)

Includes: The French Republican Calendar / A Joseph Knibb Longcase Clock With Early Anchor Escapement / Watch Making On The Naugatuck + more!  (£12)

































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