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Autographed Books For Sale

Subject / Author

Title / Year / Price



FOOTBALL –  Geoff Hurst

1966 And All That: My Autobiography (2001. 1st Edition. Slight tear on edge of dust-jacket) AUTOGRAPHED BY HURST (£45)


FOOTBALL – Jim Leishman

The Giant That Awoke: The Jim Leishman Story (1990) AUTOGRAPHED BY LEISHMAN (£28)


FOOTBALL – Frank McAvennie

Scoring: An Expert’s Guide (2003) AUTOGRAPHED BY McAVENNIE (£30)


FOOTBALL – Jackie Milburn

Jackie Milburn: In Black and White – A Biography (Mike Kirkup. 1990. 1st Edition) AUTOGRAPHED BY AUTHOR MIKE KIRKUP (£30)


FOOTBALL - Kevin Philllips

Strikingly Different (2000. Softback) AUTOGRAPHED BY PHILLIPS (£20)


FOOTBALL – Bobby Robson

So Near And Yet So far: Bobby Robson’s World Cup Diary (1986. 1st Edition) AUTOGRAPHED BY Peter Beardsley + One other (John Barnes?) (£35)


Football – Crystal Palace

We All Follow The Palace (1993. 1st Edition. Large softback book) AUTOGRAPHED BY ONE OF THE PRODUCTION TEAM (£25)


Football – Fulham

Fulham: The Premiership Diary (Harry Harris & Danny Fullbrook. 2002. 1st Edition) AUTOGRAPHED BY FULLBROOK!! (£25)


Football – Norwich City

Images Of Sport: Norwich City Football Club (Gary Enderby. 2001. Softback) AUTOGRAPHED BY AUTHOR!! (£20)


Football –Nottingham Forest

Forest Giants: Nottingham Forest 1975 – 1980 (John McGovern & Rob Javanovic. 2003. 1st Edition. Large softback book) AUTOGRAPHED BY McGOVERN (£50)



Sportsman’s Club (Alec E. Whitcher. 1948) (includes articles about / by Walter Hammond, Maurice Tate, Patsy Hendren, J.W. Morton, + more) AUTOGRAPHED BY Alec Whitcher (£35)



Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (Elinor Nauen. 1995. Paperback) AUTOGRAPHED BY NAUEN (£20)



The Botham Report (1997) AUTOGRAPHED BY BOTHAM (£35)



David Lloyd: Anything But Murder – The Autobiography (2000. 1st Edition) AUTOGRAPHED BY LLOYD (£40)



Páidí: The Life of Gaelic Football Legend Páidí Ó (2001. Softback. Cover slightly creased) AUTOGRAPHED BY Páidí Ó !! (£35)



John McCririck’s World of Betting: Double Carpet and All That! (1991) AUTOGRAPHED BY McCRIRICK (£35)



Rowing – Matthew Pinsent: A Lifetime In A Race (2005. Paperback) AUTOGRAPHED BY PINSENT (£30).



Terry Holmes - My Life In Rugby (1988) AUTOGRAPHED BY HOLMES (£30)



Lawrence Dallaglio: Diary of a Season (1997) AUTOGRAPHED BY DALLAGLIO (£28)



Rugby Partnership (John Rutherford & Roy Laidlaw. 1988. Hardback) AUTOGRAPHED BY LAIDLAW & RUTHERFORD (£28)



Bill McLaren's Reuters Dream Lions (1998) AUTOGRAPHED BY BILL MCLAREN AND CLIFF MORGAN (£35)



John Eales: The Biography (Peter Fitzsimmons. 1999) AUTOGRAPHED BY EALES (£35)



Survive The Savage Sea (Dougal Robertson. 1973. 1st Edition) AUTOGRAPHED BY ROBERTSON (£35)



Maiden (Tracy Edwards and Tim Madge (1990. Dust-jacket price-clipped) AUTOGRAPHED BY EDWARDS (£30)



The Complete History of Border Snooker (Scottish Borders) (Rob Shiel. 1995. Small Softback publication) (£18) AUTOGRAPHED BY AUTHOR!!.



John Aspen

The Legend of the Wizard (Alderley Edge, Cheshire) (illustrated by Alan Greenhalgh) (1990. Softback) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!)  (£18)


Richard Booth

Bureaucracy In Brecon and Radnor With Reference To A Horse Ride Through Cusop Dingle (1981? Softback, Very rare book!!) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!)  (£50)


Jimmy Brown

Inverurie Loco Works…The Inside Story (1999. Softback) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!)  (£30)


Peter Buchan

Mount Pleasant (Peterhead, Scotland) (Softback book of poetry. 1977) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (£25)


Peter Cherry

On Morecambe Bay (1986. Dust jacket price-clipped. SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (£25


Joan Collins

My Secrets (1988) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (£28


Ben Coutts

Bothy To Big Ben: An Autobiography (1989. Softback) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (£28)


Francis Dabney

Just Traveling Through (1988.1st Edition. Softback) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (£40)


Cedric Dickens (Great-Grandson of Charles Dickens)

Drinking With Dickens (1983) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (£30)


David M Ferguson

Shipwrecks of North Ease Scotland 1444 – 1990 (1991. 1st Edition. Softback) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (£20)


Freddie Hancock & David Nathan

(Tony) Hancock (1969. 1st Edition. Dust-jacket a bit tatty and price-clipped) (SIGNED BY BOTH AUTHORS!!)  (£35


Antony Hopkins

Beating Time (1982. 1st Edition) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!)  (£35


David Hughes

A Journey To Remember (2000. 1st Edition. Rare Hardback Edition) (SIGNED BY DAVID HUGHES!!) (£60


Arthur L. Humphreys

The Berkshire Book of Song, Rhyme & Steeple Chime (1935. 1st Edition. In Presentation Box, presented to Montgomeryshire Education Committee for their library, complete with signed letter from author) (£75


David Johnston

A FreenAmang Freen’s (Scottish Borders Poetry) (1975. Softback. 200+ pages.  Cover a bit tatty) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (£90)



The Two Types (Cartoons from Army Newspapers) (1960, Softback. (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (£40)


John James Mackay

Border Highways: The Story of the Roads and early Transport in the Scottish Borders (1998. Softback) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (£20)


John Malden

The Monastery & Abbey of Paisley (2000. Softback. 1st Edition) (Book Signed By Author With Written Dedication to Norman Macleod of Suardal. Also Contains a Letter To Norman Macleod of Suardal Mentioning The Forthcoming Visit by the Princess Royal and Which Is Signed by the Author) (£50)


Molly Maidment

Chained to Sarum: What the Mayoress Saw 1958 – 59 (1991. 1st Edition. Softback) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (£40)


John Mason & Joseph A. Dow

Rural Science (1930s? No dust-jacket) SIGNED BY Joseph Dow (£24)


Bob McGregor

Easy Money: How I Made My 97 Pence (2000. Softback) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (£12)


Norrie McLeish

Borderline Cases: More Murder Scenes From the Scottish Borders (2000. Softback) (Signed by Author!!) (1988. Softback) (£15)


Buster Merryfield

During The War and Other Encounters: An Autobiography (1996. Softback) SIGNED BY Merryfield (£50)


T.R. Milford

Two Brothers: A Milford Memoir 1895 – 1935 (1986. softback) SIGNED BY T.R. MILFORD (£40)


Audrey Mitchell

James Dickson And His Legacy (Stichill nr Kelso, Scotland) (1997. 1st Edition. Softback) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (£35)


Keith L. Mitchell

Fast Castle: A History From 1602 (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (1988. Softback) (£25)


Alistair Moffat

Kelsae: A History of Kelso From Earliest Times (Rare 1985 1st Edition. Hardback) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (£75)


George T.A. Ogilvie

Will H. Ogilvie: Balladist of Borders & Bush (1994. Softback. Very rare!!) (Signed by Author!!) (£75)


Robin Page

Carry On Regardless (2007. Softback) (Signed by Author!!) (£18)


Henry Plumb, Lord Plumb of Coleshill

The Plumb Line: A Journey Through Agriculture & Politics (2001) (Signed by John Lamont!!) (£20)


Ron Read

Confessions of a Chinese Juggler (1997. Softback) (Signed by Author!!) (£35)


Stephen Richards

Ramraiders: Top Ramraiders Reveal All About The Ramraid Business (2000. Softback) (Signed by Author!!) (£25)


Jack Richardson

Back to the Pulpit: More Memories of a Country Parson (1990. Softback) (Signed by Author!!) (£25)


Nick Sanders

Journey To The Source of the Nile (1983. 1st Edition. Ex-library) (Signed by Author!!) (£35)


Graham M. Simons

The Spirit of Dan-Air Services – 40 Glorious Years (1993. 1st edition. Dust-jacket has slight wear to edge) (Signed by Author!! Also has a non-authorial inscription inside) (£50)


Martha Rose Shulman

The Bread Book (1990. 1st Edition) (Signed by Author!!) (£25)


Spud Talbot-Ponsonby

Small Steps With Heavy Hooves: A Mother’s Walk Back to Health in the Highlands (1998. Paperback) (Signed by Author!!) (£30)


Brian Wain

Vets In Kelso (1986. 1st Edition. Softback) (Signed and inscribed by Author!!) (£70)


Major MCR Wallace

The King’s Troop: Royal Horse Artillery (Rare 1984 1st Edition specially bound for Beneficial Corporation to present to someone at the 1986 Royal Windsor Horse Show and  signed by the author!) (£30)


Autographed Videos: Sport


Ski Tips 2 With Martin Heckelman: Intermediates and Advanced (COVER SIGNED BY HECKELMAN!!!) (1989. 65 mins) (£25)




Ski Tips 4 With Martin Heckelman: How to Ski Moguls (COVER SIGNED BY HECKELMAN!!!) (1989. 65 mins) (£25)




Ski Tips 5 With Martin Heckelman: How To Use Carving Skis (COVER SIGNED BY HECKELMAN!!!) (1989. 65 mins) (£25)