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Books For Sale – Nautical / Sailing

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Robert Aickman

The Story of Our Inland Waterways (1955. 1st edition. No dust-jacket. First blank page missing. Otherwise very good condition. Rare book) (£30)


Philip Allen

R.C.C. Pilotage Foundation – The Atlantic Crossing Guide (1988) (SPECIAL OFFER: £19*)


Paul Barry

The Rise and Fall of Alan Bond (Paul Barry. 1990) (SPECIAL OFFER - £14*)



John Bertrand and Patrick Robinson


Born To Win: Australia's Epic Capture of the America's Cup (1985. 1st Edition. Large book. Ex-library. First blank page missing) (£40)

Percy Blandford

Practical Boatman (1973) (£9)


Percy Blandford

Encyclopaedia of Small Craft Maintenance (1977. 1st Edition) (£13)


Percy Blandford

The Care and Repair Below Decks (1980. 1st Edition) (£9)



Chay Blyth


Chay Blyth: The Impossible Voyage (1971. 1st edition 2nd Impression. Name written inside) (£15)

Dr Alain Bombard

The Bombard Story (Translated by Brian Connell. 1955. Book Club Edition. Inscription inside. No Dust-jacket) (£9)



R. M. Bowker & S.A. Budd

Make Your Own Sails (1975) (£15)


R. M. Bowker & S.A. Budd

Make Your Own Sails (1979. Softback) (£7)


Robin Brandon

The Good Crewman (1972. 1st Edition. Dust-jacket price-clipped) (£9)


John Chamier

Safety and Seamanship (1976. 1st Edition) (£12)


Francis Chichester

Along The Clipper Way. (1967. Dust-jacket price-clipped and slightly worn along edge. Non-authorial inscription) (£12)

Francis Chichester

The Lonely Sea and the Sky (1967. Paperback) (£8)

Peter Clissold

Radar in Small Craft (1970. 1st Edition) (£14)


A.N. Cockroft

A Guide to the Collision Rules (1972. Softback) (£10)


A.N. Cockroft & J.N.F. Lameijer

A Guide To The Collision Avoidance Rules (1976) (£10)


C.L. Colborne

Practical Boat Handling on Rivers and Canals (1977. 1st Edition) (£9)


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Dennis Conner

No Excuse To Lose (1987. Softback) (£10)


Bill & Laurel Cooper

Sell Up And Sail: Taking The Ulysses Option (1988) (£18)


Craig Coutts

Blue Water Yacht Navigation (1979. 1st Edition) (£18)


Richard Creagh-Osborne

This Is Sailing: A Complete Course (1973) (£15)


Richard Creagh-Osborne


This Is Sailing: A Complete Course (1980. Softback) (£8)

John Creber

The Great Ouse & Nene: Navigation Notes, Maps & Boatyards (1980s. Softback. Cover slightly creased) (£7)


Jacques Damour

101 Tips and Hints For Your Boat (1988. Paperback) (£8)


David & Charles

Glenans Weather Forecasting: A Manual For Yachtsman (1980) (£12)


Christopher Dawson

The Hull (1967. 1st Edition) (£8)


Capt. D.R. Derrett

The Mariners’ Highway Code (includes display card and coloured discs) (1965. Softback) (£18)


Capt. D.R. Derrett

Seamanship Self Examiner (1971. 1st Edition. Softback) (£9)


Neil C. Dick

Yacht Sailing Instrumentation (1974. 1st Edition) (£12)


Conrad Dixon

Navigation By Pocket Calculator (1979. 1st Edition) (£9)


Conrad Dixon

Using GPS (2001. Third Edition. Softback) (SPECIAL OFFER: £12*)


Donna Marxer Doherty

The Boatcook: A Guide to Equipping, Stocking and Preparing Food in the Small Galley (1976. Softback) (£12)



Martin Dugard.


Knockdown: The Harrowing True Account of a Yacht Race Turned Deadly (Sydney to Hobart) (1999. USA Softback edition) (£10)

Tracy Edwards and Tim Madge

Maiden (Tracy Edwards and Tim Madge (1990. Dust-jacket price-clipped) AUTOGRAPHED BY EDWARDS (£30)


David M Ferguson

Shipwrecks of North Ease Scotland 1444 – 1990 (1991. 1st Edition. Softback) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (£30)



N.E. Fletcher & J.D. Ladd.


Family Sports Boating (1972. Dust-jacket price-clipped) (£9)

John French

Small Craft Radar (1977) (£9)


Fox Green

Fitting Out A Moulded Hull (1974. Softback) (£9)


Loris Goring

Modern Yacht Maintenance (1977. 1st Edition. Softback) (£8)


Loris Goring

Marine Inboard Engines: Petrol and Diesel (1990. Softback) (£20)


Mike Harper

1001 Boating Tips (1976. 1st Edition) (£8)


David & Joan Hay

Cruising In Strange Waters (1970. 1st Edition) (£13)


Bernard Hayman

Harbour Seamanship (1986. Softback) (£12)


Richard Henderson

Sea Sense (1975. 1st Edition) (£22)


Lt. Cdr. Pat Hepherd

Small Boat Navigation (1973. 1st Edition. Dust-jacket price-clipped) (£10)


David Houghton

Weather At Sea (1998. Softback) (SPECIAL OFFER - £9*)


Rick Jolly

Jackspeak: The Guide to Royal Navy Slanguage (1989. Softback) (£12)


Captain J.R. Knott

The Collision Rules With Questions and Answers (1965. Softback) (£10)



Robin Knox-Johnson


The Daily Telegraph Yachtsman's Guide To The Channel Harbours of England and France (1987. 1st Edition. Large Softback book) (SPECIAL OFFER - £12*)

Tony Meisel

Singlehanding: A Sailor’s Guide (1987) (£12)


John Mellor

Cruising Safe & Simple (1978) (£15)


John Mellor

A Small Boat Guide to the Rules of the Road: The Collision Regulations Simplified Incorporating the November 1995 Amendments (Softback) (£8)


John Mellor

Handling Troubles Afloat: What To Do When It All Goes Wrong (1996. Softback) (£10)


Graham Metson

The Halifax Explosion – December 6, 1917 (1978. Softback. Canadian edition) (£16)


J.V. Mitchell

Principles of Navigation Calculations: Examination Questions With Worked Answers (1973. Softback) (£25)


D.A. Moore

International Light, Shape and Sound Signals (1976) (£13)


Capt. W.D. Moss

Radar Watchkeeping (1973) (£12)


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John Muhlhausen

Wind And Sail: A Sailing Primer (1972) (£9)


Ian W. Muir

Dinosaur Down Below! The Adventures of a Foreign-Going Paddle-Boat Man (1980. Softback. 1st Edition) (£12)


Claude Muncaster

Rolling Round The Horn (1933. 2nd reprint. No dust-jacket) (£30)


Redmond O’Hanlon

Trawler: A Journey Through the North Atlantic (2003. 1st Edition) (SPECIAL OFFER: £18*)


Hans Offringa

Raising The Kursk (2003. Large hardback book. includes DVD) (£30)


Geoff Pack

Ocean Cruising Countdown: A Practical Guide to Long Term Cruising – Turning the Dream Into Reality (Geoff Pack. 1988 1st edition 1st Impression) (£16)


A.A. Painter

Consumer Protection For Boat Users (1979. 1st Edition) (£13)


Douglas Phillips-Birt

Reflections on Yachts (1968. 1st Edition) (£10)


R.S. Pomphrey

Marine Signalling Methods (1971. 1st Edition. Softback) (£10)


Libby Purves

One Summer’s Grace: A Family Voyage Around Britain (1997. Paperback) (£9)


M.J. Rantzen

Little Ship Meteorology (1974. Dust-jacket price-clipped) (£17)


M.J. Rantzen

Little Ship Handling: Motor Vessels (1975) (£10)


Dougal Robertson

Survive The Savage Sea (. 1973. 1st Edition) AUTOGRAPHED BY ROBERTSON (£35)


N.A.M. Rodger

Memoirs of a Seafaring Life: The Narrative of William Spavens, Pensioner on the Naval Chest at Chatham (1796) (edited by N.A.M. Rodger. 2000. With presentation case) (£20)

Captain P.J. Russell

Sea Signalling Simplified (1970) (£8)


Crab Searl

Plain Sailing: Cruising (1975. Softback) (£16)


Graham M. Simons

The Spirit of Dan-Air Services – 40 Glorious Years (1993. 1st edition. Dust-jacket has slight wear to edge) (Signed by Author!! Also has a non-authorial inscription inside) (£50)


Richard Simpkin

The Cruising Yachtsman’s Troubleshooter (1977. 1st Edition. Softback) (£10)


Richard Simpkin

The Cruising Yachtsman’s Navigator (1978. 1st Edition. Softback) (£9)


W.J. Slade & Basil Greenhill

Westcountry Coasting Ketches (1978. Dust-jacket price-clipped) (£27)


J. D. Sleightholme

Cruising: A Manual For The Small Sailing Boat Owner (1977) (£15)


J. D. Sleightholme

This Is Cruising (1984. Softback) (£9)


Captain Joshua Slocum

Sailing Alone Around The World and Voyage of the Liberdade (1949) (£9)


Gerry Smith

Sailing: A Programmed Learning Course (1980. 1st edition) (£15)



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Oliver Stewart

Bad Sailing Made Good: Error Analysis For Small Craft Sailors  (£8)


Michael Tate

Blue Water Cruising: From the Aegean to the Caribbean (1964. 1st Edition. Slight wear to edge of dust-jacket) (£9)


The Time Life Library of Boating

Cruising (1975) (£15)


Alan Watts

Basic Windcraft: Using the Wind For Sailing (1976) (£10)



Keith Wheatley


America's Cup '87: The Inside Story (1986. Ex-library) (SPECIAL OFFER: £9*)

P. G. Wickham

The Practice of Weather Forecasting (1970. 1st Edition) (£12)


Kenneth Wilkes

Practical Yacht Navigator (1974. Revised 2nd Edition) (£10)


Kenneth Wilkes

Ocean Yacht Navigator (1975) (£12)
















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