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Books For Sale - Autobiographies and Biographies (non-sport / music)

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Author / Title / Details / Price


Cecil J. Allen

Two Million Miles of Train Travel: An Autobiography (1965. 1st Edition. Dust-jacket price-clipped) (£17)


John Aspinall

The Best Of Friends (Howletts Zoo Park) (1976. Rare 1st Edition with dust/jacket) (£40).


Sir Douglas Bader

Reach For The Sky (Paul Brickhill. 1955. No dust-jacket) (£8)


Ralph “Sonny” Barger

Hell’s Angel: The Life and Times of Sonny Barger and the Hell’s Angles Motorcycle Club (2001. Paperback) (£9



Boris Becker

Boris Becker: The Player – The Autobiography (2004)  (SPECIAL OFFER - £16*)

For hundreds more sports autobiographies click here



Viv Billingham Parkes

Whistle While You Work: Life and Times of a 20th Century Shepherdess (1998. Softback. 1st Edition) (£14)



Alan Bond

The Rise and Fall of Alan Bond (Paul Barry. 1990) (SPECIAL OFFER - £14*)


Reginald Bosanquet

Let's Get Through Wednesday; My 25 Years with ITN (Reginald Bosanquet. 1980. 1st edition. Ink handwriting on 1st blank page) (£15


Jessie Bremner

Jessie’s Vision (late 1980s. Softback) (£18)


Harry Brown of Belfast

The Second Watch: A Biographical Sketch of Harry Brown of Belfast (Phyllis Thompson. 1970s? Softback. Spine a bit loose) (£10)


Janet Brown

Prime Mimicker (1986. 1st Edition) (SPECIAL OFFER: £8*)



Basil Brush with Andy Merriman.


Basil Brush: My Story (2001) (SPECIAL OFFER: £12*)


Charlie Chaplin


My Autobiography (Charles Chaplin. 1966. Readers Union edition. Large book. Dust-jacket slightly torn) (£18



Charlie Chaplin


Charlie Chaplin (John McCabe. 1978. Ex-library) (£10


Francis Chichester


Francis Chichester: The Lonely Sea and the Sky (1967. Paperback) (£9)


Rodolphe Christen


Rodolphe Christen 1859 - 1906: The Story of an Artist's Life by His Wife (Sydney Mary Christen. 1910) (£50

Lady Randolph Churchill

A Biography 1854 – 1895 (1970. Book Cub Edition) (£8)


Dr David Findlay Clark

One Boy’s War (1997. Softback) (£9)


Olga Constant

The Minister’s Wife (Huntly Gordon. 1978. 1st Edition. Name written neatly on first page) (£10).


David Corbett

Both Sides of The Fence: A Life Undercover (2002. Softback) (SPECIAL OFFER: £9-75*)


Ben Coutts

Bothy To Big Ben: An Autobiography (1989. Softback) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (£28)

Bothy to Big Ben: An Autobiography (1988. Softback) (£10


John Creber

The Great Ouse & Nene: Navigation Notes, Maps & Boatyards (1980s. Softback. Cover slightly creased) (£7)


Madame Curie

Madame Curie by Eve Curie (Translated by Vincent Sheean. Reprint Society Edition. 1942. No dust-jacket) (£9)


Lavinia Derwent

A Mouse in the Manse (Scottish Borders) (1985. 1st edition. Ex-library) (£15)



Robert Dougall


Now For The Good News (1976. 1st edition) (£10

Amelia Earhart

20 Hrs, 40 Mins: The American Girl, First Across The Atlantic By Air Tells Her Story (2003. USA Edition. Softback) (£13)


Ernest Edwards

Kalamata Beach: 28th April 1941 and its Aftermath for One Soldier (Tai Posses. 1980s? Softback) (£40)


Bernard Fergusson

The Trumpet in the Hall 1930 – 1958 (1970. 1st edition) (£15)


Kathleen Ferrier

The Life of Kathleen Ferrier (Winifred Ferrier. 1955. No dust-jacket. Inscription on first page) (£10)

For more music autobiographies click here

Christine Marion Fraser

Roses Round The Door (1986. 1st Edition. Paperback) (£5)


Kit Fraser

TOFF Down Pit (1985. 1st Edition) (£12)


Veronica Frater

They All Ran After The Farmer’s Wife: Life on a Farm and a Bed & Breakfast nr Holy Island (1990. 1st Edition. Softback) (£10)


Hugh Grant

A Game of Soldiers: Diary of a National Serviceman 1957 – 1960 (2001. Softback) (£12)



Hughie Green


Opportunity Knocked (1965. 1st Edition) (£15)

James Graham, 1st Marquis of Montrose

Montrose: The King’s Champion (Max Hastings. 1977. 1st Edition. Ex-library) (£17)


Hana Greenfield

Fragments of Memory: From Kolin to Jerusalem (1990. 1st Israeli edition. Softback) (£15)



Tyrone Guthrie


A Life in the Theatre (Tyrone Guthrie. 1961. Book-club edition. No dust-jacket) (£9

Dawyck Haig / The Earl Haig

My Father’s Son: The Memoirs of Major The Earl Haig (2000. 1st Edition) (£35)



Dr Pauline G. Hamilton


To A Different Drum: An Autobiography (1984. 1st Edition. Softback) (£13)

Tony Hancock

(Tony) Hancock (Freddie Hancock & David Nathan .1969. 1st Edition. Dust-jacket a bit tatty and price-clipped) (SIGNED BY BOTH AUTHORS!!)  (£35


Geri Halliwell

Just For The Record (2003. Softback) (SPECIAL OFFER: £7.50*)



Bill Hewlett & David Packard


The HP Way: How Bill Hewlett And I Built Our Company (David Packard. 1995. US edition) (£9)

Richard Hodgson

Richard Hodgson - The Story of A Physical Researcher and His Times (A.T. Baird. 1949. 1st Edition. No dust-jacket. Spine a bit loose) (£12)


Edith Holden

The Edwardian Lady: The Story of Edith Holden (Ina Taylor.1993. New Revised Edition. Ex-library) (SPECIAL OFFER: £14*)



William Douglas Home

Mr. Home: Pronounced Hume – An Autobiography (1979. 1st Edition) (£20)




Joseph Dalton Hooker


Joseph Dalton Hooker: Botanist, Explorer and Administrator (W.B. Turrill. 1963. Scientific Book Club Edition) (£10

Antony Hopkins

Beating Time (1982. 1st Edition) (£35SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!


David Hughes

A Journey To Remember (2000. 1st Edition. Rare Hardback Edition) (SIGNED BY DAVID HUGHES!!) (£60


Alison Johnson

A House By The Shore: Twelve Years in Harris (Hebrides) (1986. Paperback) (£7


Don Johnson

Don Johnson: An Unauthorised Biography (Suzanne Munshower. 1987. Softback) (£7)


Keith Joseph

Keith Joseph: A Single Mind (Morrison Halcrow. 1989. 1st Edition) (SPECIAL OFFER: £14*)


Norma Khouri

Forbidden Love: Love and Betrayal in Modern-Day Jordan (2003. Large paperback) (£9



R. Keith Mitchell

Forty-Two Months in Durance Vile: Prisoner of the Japanese (1997. 1st Edition) (£14)



Ludwig Koch


Memoirs Of A Birdman (c1950s. Scientific Book Club Edition. Dust-jacket slightly torn) (£10

Jacquie Lewis

Let Me Tell You How I Live With Cancer (1977. 1st Edition. Softback. Very rare!!) (£35)


Thomas Edward Lewis

Blue Ribbon Days: A Tale of Victorian Childhood, Apprenticeship, Love and Marriage in Shropshire (edited by Geoffrey T Eddy) (1992. Softback) (£12)


Logie Bruce Lockhart

Stuff and Nonsense: Observations of a Norfolk Scot (1996. Softback) (£9)


Eric Lomax

The Railway Man (1996. Paperback) (£9


Rev. George Mackay

My Uncle George : The Respectful Recollections of a Backslider in a Highland Manse (Alastair Phillips. 1956. Softback. Spine worn) (£8


Angus MacVicar

Heathers In My Ears: More Confessions of a Minister’s Son (1974. 1st Edition. Dust-jacket price-clipped. Original owner’s name written inside) (£10).


Molly Maidment

Chained to Sarum: What the Mayoress Saw 1958 – 59 (1991. 1st Edition. Softback) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (£40)


Fordyce Maxwell

A Farmer’s Lot (A Northumberland Farmer) (1990. Paperback) (£7)


Fordyce Maxwell

Wild Oats and Wellingtons (A Northumberland Farmer) (1990. Softback) (£7)


Sir George Maxwell

In Malay Forests (1957. Softback. Rare edition) (£25)



Bill Maynard


The Yo Yo Man - Bill Maynard: His Racy Autobiography (1975 1st Edition. Dust-jacket slightly torn) (£14

Perry McCarthy “The Stig

Flat Out Flat Broke: Formula 1 The Hard Way (2003. Softback) (£10)



Florence Mary McDowell


Other Days Around Me: The Story of a Country Antrim Victorian Childhood (Florence McDowell. 1972. Softback. Cover a bit worn) (£10

Bob McGregor

Easy Money: How I Made My 97 Pence (2000. Softback) (SIGNED BY AUTHOR!!) (£12)


Yehudi Menuhin

Yehudi Menuhin: Unfinished Journey – Autobiography (1977. Dust-jacket price-clipped) (£13


Buster Merryfield

During The War and Other Encounters: An Autobiography (1996. Softback) SIGNED BY Merryfield (£50)


T.R. Milford

Two Brothers: A Milford Memoir 1895 – 1935 (1986. softback) SIGNED BY T.R. MILFORD (£40)


F.L.M. Moir

Heart of Africa: The Story of an Adventurer (2001. Softback) (£12)


Moobli (the dog)

Moobli (Mike Tomkies. 1988. 1st Edition. Slight tear on bottom edge of dust-jacket. Otherwise a rare book in brilliant condition) (£40)



Dudley Moore & Peter Cook


Goodbye Again: The Definitive Peter Cook & Dudley Moore (William Cook. 2004. Dust-jacket price-clipped) (SPECIAL OFFER: £16*)

Gerald Moore

Am I Too Loud? Memoirs of An Accompanist (1962. 4th Impression. No dust-jacket) (£10)


Dermot Morgan

Our Father: A Tribute To Dermot Morgan (Don, Robert and Ben Morgan.1998. Softback) (SPECIAL OFFER: £9.75*)


Ian W. Muir

Dinosaur Down Below! The Adventures of a Foreign-Going Paddle-Boat Man (1980. Softback. 1st Edition) (£9)


Azar Nafisi

Reading Lolita in Tehran : A Memoir In Books (2004. Paperback) (£10)


Anna Neagle

Anna Neagle Says “there’s Always Tomorrow” – An Autobiography (1974. 1st Edition) (£13)


Eric Newby

Something Wholesale: My Life and Times in the Rag Trade (1985. Paperback) (£9)


Adam Nicholson

Sea Room: An Island Life - The Story of One Man, Three Islands and Half a Million Puffins (The Shiants, nr Lewis) (2002. Paperback) (£9)



David Niven


Bring On The Empty Horses (1975. 1st Edition) (£15)


David Packard & Bill Hewlett


The HP Way: How Bill Hewlett And I Built Our Company (David Packard. 1995. US edition) (£9)

Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh

HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh: A Portrait By His Valet (John Dean. 1st Edition. 1950s. No dust-jacket) (£12)


Henry Plumb, Lord Plumb of Coleshill

The Plumb Line: A Journey Through Agriculture & Politics (2001) (Signed by John Lamont!!)  (£20)


Ron Read

Confessions of a Chinese Juggler (1997. Softback) (Signed by Author!!) (£35)





Renoir: My Father (Jean Renoir. 1964. No dust-jacket) (£12

Jack Richardson

Back to the Pulpit: More Memories of a Country Parson (1990. Softback) (Signed by Author!!) (£25)


The Rock (WWF / WWE)

The Rock Says… (2000. Dust-jacket slightly worn) (SPECIAL OFFER: £10*)



Anna Robertson


No Going Back To Moldova (Anna Robertson. 1989. Paperback) (£6)


Alberto Santos-Dumont


Man Flies: The Story of Alberto Santos-Dumont, Master of the Balloon (Nancy Winters. 1997. 1st edition. Ex-library) (SPECIAL OFFER: £10*)

Dave Shaw

Casino (2000. Softback) (£12)


Nigel Short

Quest For The Crown (Cathy Forbes. 1993. Softback) (SPECIAL OFFER: £9.75*)


Herbert H. Smith

Recollections of a Tweeddale Laddie (1987. Softback) (£8)



William Spavens


Memoirs of a Seafaring Life: The Narrative of William Spavens, Pensioner on the Naval Chest at Chatham (1796) (edited by N.A.M. Rodger. 2000. With presentation case) (£20)

Christopher Spence

On Watch: Views From The Lighthouse (The London Lighthouse) (1996. Softback) (£10)


Barbra Streisand

Barbra: A Biography of Barbra Streisand (Donald Zec and Anthony Foules) (1981. No dust-jacket) (£10)


Matt Talbot

Remembering Matt Talbot (Mary Purcell. 1990. Softback) (£10)


Hudson Taylor

The Man Who Believed God – The Story of Hudson Taylor (Marshall Broomhall. 1965. Softback with dust/jacket) (£15)


Alexander Thomsen

In The Name of Humanity (A doctor's fight for survival and honour in the face of communist imprisonment) (Alexander Thomsen. 1963. 1st edition. Dust-jacket is price-clipped and slightly torn) (£15) 

Derek Thrower

The Lonely Path To Freedom (1980. 1st Edition. Dust-jacket price-clipped) (£10) 


Viscount Trenchard

The Legacy of Lord Trenchard (H.R. Allen D.F.C. 1972. 1st Edition. Ex-library) (£10) 

Peter Twiss

Faster Than The Sun: The Compelling Story of a Record-Breaking Test Pilot (2000. Softback) (£13) 


George Walker

Cancer Is Only A Word (1994. 1st Edition. Softback) (£16) 


Nan Walker

Try Anything Once (1995.1st Edition. Softback. Very rare book. Cover slightly worn) (£40) 


Adam West

Back To The Batcave: My Story…  (1994.Softback) (£10) 


Mike Westrup

10-9 In The Fifth: A Squash Champion’s Battle For Life (Brenda Westrup. 1997. Softback) (£30)

For more sport autobiographies click here



William Wilberforce


The Man Who Freed The Slaves: The Story of William Wilberforce (Elsie Johnson. 1974. No dust-jacket) (£7) 

Dorian Williams

Pendley and a Pack of Hounds (1959. 1st Edition. Dust-jacket slightly worn) (£18)



Emlyn Williams


George: An Early Autobiography 1905 - 1927 (1962) (£10) 


Emlyn Williams


Emlyn: An Autobiography 1927 – 1935 (1973. Slight wear to dust-jacket) (£10)

Clough Williams-Ellis

Architect Errant: The Autobiography of Clough Williams-Ellis (1991. Softback) (£10)


Joyce Wilson

Muck But No Money: Tales From A Cumbrian Farm (1993. Paperback) (£8)



Dr Jean F Wishart

Woven Threads (1985. 1st Edition. Softback) (£10)


William Woodruff

The Road To Nab End: An Extraordinary Northern Childhood (2000) (£10)


Dr. Bill Woods OBE

Angel of the Amazon: A Thrilling Story of Compassion and Faith (1997. Softback) (£10)


Paula Yates

Village People (1994. Paperback) (£7)


Zoya’s Story: An Afghan Woman’s Struggle For Freedom (Zoya / John Follain / Rita Cristofari. 2002) (£14)












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