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Stepout Theatre was formed in 2006 and has enjoyed an amazing journey since then.

We have toured with our first one man musical 'Gaius', a musical that even now affects some who saw it.

We have toured with Somewhere, a successful 'musicals' show.

We have entered the Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts in two singing classes and achieved a first and a second place and we have performed with the Prom Praise Orchestra at the Colston Hall.

We have had the amazing privilege of doing hundreds of private bookings for many different purposes and have met some fantastic people along the way.  We have seen many places and enjoyed music in an amazing way along the journey.

We are continuing with our private bookings and are continually expanding the range of projects, performances and musical writing.

We also now offer piano, drama and vocal tuition.

The company:

Artistic Director/Piano/Music:                  Jo Roach

Leading Actor/Lyrics:                             Gareth Wigg

Assistants to the company:                    Samantha and Tony Williams

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