A Coat of Arms registered for Yoxall in England

Last Updated : 17 Mar 2016


Our Yoxall Ancestors

Our Yoxall Family Tree

Moses Yoxall b~1754
Mary E Yoxall b.1861
Peter Yoxall b.1798
Thomas Yoxall b.1834


One of my great grandmothers was Mary Elizabeth Yoxall. She married George Milne Smith my great grandfather on 28th January 1885 at St Michael's Church, Toxteth, Liverpool, England and at the time she was living nearby with her father Thomas Yoxall.

Mary Elizabeth was born 16th February 1861 at Staffordshire, England and was one of 5 children of Thomas Yoxall and Elizabeth Walton who were at home for the 1881 census. Thomas Yoxall and Mary Elizabeth Walton had married 13th August 1860.

At the time of the 1881 English census, Thomas was living with his wife Elizabeth and children including my great grandmother at 12 Moses Street, Liverpool. The seven younger children were all recorded as "from Liverpool" indicating that Thomas and his wife plus my great grandmother moved to Liverpool around 1861-1862.

The Children of Thomas Yoxall and Elizabeth Walton
Baptised Name Event Date Place
Mary Elizabeth Yoxall born 16 Feb 1861 Hanley, Staffordshire
Henry Gill Yoxall born 20 Nov 1862 Liverpool
Walter Yoxall born 1867 Liverpool
Louisa Yoxall born 1869 Liverpool
Edna Yoxall born 1875 Liverpool
Mabel Yoxall born 1877 Liverpool
Thomas F Yoxall born 1879 Liverpool
Ernest Yoxall born 1880 Liverpool

My great great grandfather Thomas Yoxall was born in 1834 at Sproston, Cheshire. At the time of the 1881 census Thomas is recorded as a Bus Driver. At daughter Mary Elizabeth's wedding in 1885 he is shown as a Tram Driver. At the time of his own marriage, Thomas was living at Bucknall, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. Mary Elizabeth was a Milliner prior to her marriage. Thomas' father was Peter Yoxall, a farmer.

Thomas' father Peter Yoxall and his wife Elizabeth Manley had seven children who were all born at Northwich, Cheshire.

The Children of Peter Yoxall and Elizabeth Manley
Name Event Date Place
Anne Yoxall born 11 Jul 1830 Northwich, Cheshire
Moses Yoxall born 2 Mar 1831 Northwich, Cheshire
Thomas Yoxall born 5 Mar 1834 Northwich, Cheshire
Peter Yoxall born 7 Mar 1836 Northwich, Cheshire
Elizabeth Yoxall born Mar 1839 Northwich, Cheshire
Edward Yoxall born 11 May 1844 Northwich, Cheshire
Mary Yoxall born 6 Mar 1845 Northwich, Cheshire

Peter was born 30th April, 1798 at Middlewich, Cheshire. His own father was Moses Yoxall, understood to have been born about 1754 in Sproston and whom married Elizabeth Lewis on 25th June 1780. There is understood to have been at least three other children as well as Peter.

The Children of Moses Yoxall and Elizabeth Lewis
Baptised Name Event Date Place
Moses Yoxall born 1789 Middlewich, Cheshire
Richard Yoxall born 8 Jun 1796 Middlewich, Cheshire
Peter Yoxall born 30 Apr 1798 Middlewich, Cheshire
Elizabeth Yoxall born 6 Jun 1800 Middlewich, Cheshire