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Following is a list of tram, trolley, light rail and street car systems.

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City [System] Country Started Ran To
Aberdeen Scotland 1899 1958
Amsterdam Netherlands Current
Baltimore [Baltimore Transit] USA 1963
Basel Switzerland Current
Belfast [Belfast Corporation] Ireland 1905 1954
Berlin Germany Current
Birkenhead [Birkenhead Street Railway] H England 1860
Birkenhead [Birkenhead Corporation Tramways] England 1901 1937
Birmingham N England 1904 1953
Blackburn N England
Blackpool England Current
Bolton England 1947
Bordeaux France Current
Boston,MA [MBTA] USA Current
Bradford England 1950
Bratislava Slovakia Current
Braunschweig Germany Current
Bremen Germany Current
Brno Czech Replublic Current
Brussels Belgium Current
Buffalo,NY USA Current
Charlotte,NC [Charlotte Trolley] USA Current
Cleveland,OH [RTA] USA Current
Cologne Germany Current
Columbus, OH USA  
Croydon England Current
Dallas, TX USA   1956
Dallas,TX [DART] USA Current
Dallas,TX [MATA] USA Current
Denver,CO [RTD] USA Current
Derby [Derby Corporation Tramways] N England 1904 1934
Douglas [Douglas & Southern Electric Tramway] Isle of Man 1836 1939
Douglas [Manx Electric Railway] N Isle of Man Current
Douglas [Upper Douglas Cable Tramway] N C Isle of Man 1896 1929
Dresden Germany Current
Dublin [Dublin United Tramway Company] B Ireland 1896 1949
Dublin Ireland Current
Dundee Scotland 1900 1956
Dusseldorf Germany Current
Edinburgh Scotland 1922 1956
El Paso, TX USA    
Fleetwood England Current
Fort Smith, AR USA   1933 
Freiburg Germany Current
Galveston,TX USA Current
Gateshead England 1951
Glasgow N Scotland 1898 1962
Grenoble [TAG] France Current
Hamburg Germany Current
Heidelberg Germany Current
Helsinki Finland Current
Hill of Howth B Ireland 1901 1959
Hong Kong China Current
Houston, TX [Houston City Street Railway] H USA 1870  
Houston, TX [Houston Electric Company] USA 1891 1940
Houston, TX [Houston North Shore Railway] USA 1927 1948
Houston, TX [Galveston-Houston Electric Railway] USA 1911 1936
Houston, TX [Metro] USA Current
Huddersfield England 1901 1940
Indianapolis USA 1900 1941
Ilford [Ilford Corporation Tramways] England 1903 1939
Iowa Interurban USA  
Istanbul Turkey Current
Kolkata H N India 1873 1873
Kolkata [Calcutta Tramways Company] H India 1880 1882
Kolkata [Calcutta Tramways Company] S India 1883 1900
Kolkata [Calcutta Tramways Company] India 1902 Current
Kyoto [Kyoto City Lines] Japan 1978
Lausanne Switzerland Current
Laxey [Snaefell Mountain Railway] N Isle of Man Current
Le Mans France 2007 Current
Leeds England 1897 1959
Leicester England 1904 1949
Leipzig Germany Current
Lisbon [Carris] N Portugal 1901 Current
Little Rock,AR USA Current
Liverpool [Line of Docks Railway] H England 1859 1893
Liverpool [Old Swan Tramway] H England 1861 1862
Liverpool [Liverpool Corporation Passenger Transport] England 1898 1957
Llandudno [Great Orme Tramway] N Wales Current
London England 1903 1952
Los Angles, CA [Los Angeles Railway] USA  
Louisville, KY [Louisville Railway Company] USA 1890  
Luton England 1908 1932
Magdeburg Germany Current
Manchester [Metrolink] England Current
Memphis,TN USA Current
Mexico City Mexico
Montpellier France Current
Munich Germany Current
Nantes France Current
New Orleans,LA [RTA] USA Current
New York, NY USA    
Newark, NJ USA    
Nice France  
Nuremberg Germany Current
Oakland,CA [Key System Transit Company] USA 1903 1948
Olmsted,OH [Columbia Park & Southwestern] USA Current
Oslo Norway Current
Ostende Belgium Current
Philadelphia, PA USA    
Phoenix,AZ USA Current
Pittsburg, PA [Pittsburg Railways Company] USA  
Prague Czech Republic Current
San Diego,CA USA Current
San Francisco,CA [SF Municipal Railway] C USA Current
Seattle,WA USA Current
Sheffield England 1899 1960
Southampton [Southampton Corporation Tramways] England 1900 1949
Southport England 1900 1934
Sunderland England 1954
Toronto Canada Current
Vienna Austria Current
Wallasey England 1902 1933
Walsall N England 1902 1933
Warrington England 1902 1935
Power Source : Default is Electric - H=Horse / Mule Drawn Cars - C=Cable Drawn Cars - S=Steam
Gauge : Default is Standard - B=Broader than Standard Gauge - N=Narrower than Standard Gauge

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