A Coat of Arms registered for Smith

Last Updated : 23 Feb 2016


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Ironrieves is located about 12 miles north of Aberdeen and is where our William Smith (born about 1834 at Auchloon), a cattleman was staying at South Cottar House in 1861. He was there with his widowed mother Elizabeth Smith nee Shand. Elizabeth died at Ironrieves on the 5th of Decemeber 1872.

As can be seen on the map shown here, Ironrieves is located very close to Auchloon, though it is actually in the parish of Belhelvie, while Auchloon is in the parish of Foveran.

The photo on the left shows the oldest part of the farm buildings at Ironrieves. The part on the left is thought to have been used for farm worker accommodation.