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Year Event
1901 Liverpool's population is over 700,000
1902 The city buys Calderstones Park from the McIver family of the Cunard Line
1903 The Mersey Railway is converted from steam to electric operation [B07]
1904 The foundation stone for the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is laid
1909 Alois (half brother of Adolf) Hitler moves to 103 Stanhope Street, Toxteth after marrying in Dublin
1910 Crippen is arrested for murder on a Canadian ship sailing from Liverpool using Marconi's new "wireless technology" [B22]
1911 The Royal Liver Building is completed
1914 Woolton Woods, once owned by Holbrook Gaskell is opened to the public
1915 The Lusitania is sunk off the coast of Ireland on it's way from New York to Liverpool
1916 The Cunard Building is completed
1918 The city council buys Princes Park which was previously privately owned by Richard Vaughan Yates
1925 James Chadwick, discoverer of the neutron, marries Aileen Stewart-Brown of Liverpool
1932 India Building completed in Water Street for the Blue Funnel Line owned by Holt
1933 The terminal of Speke Airport is opened [B22]
1934 The Queensway Mersey (Road) Tunnel is opened by King George V
1935 James Chadwick takes chair of Physics at University of Liverpool and gets Noble Prize for discovery of the neutron in 1932
1936 Frank Hornby, inventor of Meccano, dies
1938 Hornby Dublo model trains start production in Liverpool
1939 First of a large British order for new bomber aircraft, the Lockheed Hudson arrives in Liverpool
1940 John Winston Lennon is born
1945 John Lennon goes to live with his Aunt Mimi at 251 Menlove Avenue
1953 Lita Roza becomes the first Liverpool artist to reach No 1 in the recently started "UK hit parade"
1956 The Liverpool Overhead Railway closes
1957 John Lennon who had previously started a beat group is introduced to Paul McCartney at Woolton
1961 Brian Epstein of NEMS Record Store becomes the new manager of The Beatles
1966 The Cavern Club goes bankrupt
1974 Eastern parts of greater Liverpool are annexed to Manchester to create a Greater Manchester County as a result of the 1972 Local Government Act
1978 Standard-Triumph Car Factory at Speke closes
1987 William Patrick Hitler, the Liverpool born nephew of Adolf dies