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Year Event
1806 William Roscoe returns to Parliament as a member for Liverpool [B12]
1807 The "Mary" with Captain Hugh Crow is the last slave ship to leave Liverpool [B12]
1809 William Ewart Gladstone is born at Rodney Street
1815 Washington Irving arrive in Liverpool from New York to help with his brother's business
1818 Washington Irving leaves Liverpool after 3 years to return to writing for a living after his brothers business goes bankrupt
1820 George Holt marries Emma Durning of Liverpool
1829 Alfred Holt, son of George Holt and Emma Durning is born in Liverpool
1830 The Liverpool and Manchester Railway is officially opened
1831 William Roscoe dies
1832 Henry Tate starts a grocers apprenticeship in Liverpool
1834 First Chinese arrive on the 'Duchess of Clarence' owned by John Bibby & Co and first non 'East India Company' ship to arrive in Liverpool from China
1835 Benjamin Bowring sets-up a trading company in Liverpool under his name
1839 Herman Melville visits Liverpool and reads in guidebook about the mythical Liverbird believing it to be real
1840 The first company of 'Latter-day Saints' left Liverpool to sail to the USA under John Moon of Eccleston
1841 Benjamin Bowring turns control of his Liverpool business to Charles Bowring
1844 Robert Cain, future brewer, arrives in Liverpool
1846 Benjamin Bowring dies in Liverpool
1849 Herman Melville writes "Redburn : His first voyage", a novel, which mentions the Liverbird
1854 Saint Georges Hall is opened [B07]
1855 The Liverpool Daily Post newspaper is founded
1857 John Rowlands aka Henry M Stanley leaves Liverpool for New Orleans onboard the Windermere
1858 Robert Cain buys a brewery site at Stanhope Street
1860 Thomas Ogden founds a tobacco company
1861 Liverpool's first tramway was created by George F Train
1862 The first of around 3000 trams (up to 1913) is built at the George Starbucks works at Birkenhead
1863 Frank Hornby, inventor of Meccano is born in Liverpool on 15th May
1865 Florence Nightingale who advises and supports William Rathbone works on plans for the Liverpool Workhouse Infirmary
1866 Queen Victoria opens the Liverpool Shipperies Exhibition in Wavertree Park
1868 Newsham Park, made on land purchased from the Molyneux family, is opened
1870 Stanley Park is opened
1871 Henry M Stanley says the words "Dr Stanley, I presume" when he comes across a white man in the crowd near Lake Tanganyika
1872 Henry Tate builds a new sugar refinery in Liverpool and gets a patent for making sugar cubes
1877 William Rathbone urges Florence Nightingale to examine the Liverpool Infirmary nursing model
1878 Saint Domingo Football Club founded
1879 Saint Domingo Football Club renamed Everton Football Club
1868 Chinese officials arrive in Liverpool to establish a Chinese Embassy in Britain
1880 Liverpool is granted 'city status' by Royal Charter'
1884 First tunnel under the Mersey is completely cut through
1888 Everton FC is one of 12 founder members of the Football League, first of it's type in the world
1889 Henry Tate, Liverpool businessman donates his art collection to the nation
1892 Liverpool Football Club is formed and Everton FC move from Anfield to Goodison Park in a split linked to a rent dispute
1893 The Mayor becomes the Lord Mayor during the term of Robert Durning Holt
1897 The Tate Art Gallery opens in London after Henry Tate donates his art collection to the nation
1899 Frank Hornby, inventor of Meccano, begins making metal toys for his sons