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Year Event
1604 The ancient deer park of Toxteth is defforested by Sir Ricahrd Molyneux and divided into about twenty small farms [B12]
1611 Richard Mather moves from Warrington to teach schoolchildren of Puritan farmers at Toxteth Park [B12]
1618 Jeremiah Horrox is born at Toxteth
1625 Five Liverpool ships carrying troops for Ireland are wrecked off Holyhead [B12]
1627 Both of the Bailiffs are locked-up in the Town Hall for refusing to carry out the Council's orders [B12]
1628 Charles 1st sells Toxteth Park to Liverpool Council [B07]
1633 Spanish pirates capture two Liverpool vessels in Dublin bay [B12]
1635 Sir Richard Molyneux buys the lordship of the manor for four hundred and fifty pounds turning his lease into a freehold [B12]
1639 Jeremiah Horrox becomes the first person to see Venus move across the face of the sun [B12]
1641 Jeremiah Horrox dies
1642 Mayor John Walker gets a special letter of thanks from the king for his loyalty [B12]
1643 Lord Strange becomes Lord Derby [B12]
1644 Colonel Moore becomes governor of Liverpool on petition of the burgesses [B12]
1648 The first recorded American cargo arrives in Liverpool on the 30 Ton "Friendship" under James Jenkinson [B22]
1651 Thomas Norris inherits Speke Hall
1660 A Customs House is built at Liverpool
1662 The Norris family regains Speke Hall after confiscation at the end of the civil war
1666 The Antelope, a tiny ship of only 60 tons, leaves Liverpool to cross the Atlantic, returning nearly a year later
1668 Liverpool's first sugar refinery is built by a Mr Smith [B12]
1669 Lord Derby presents a mace to the mayor [B12]
1673 A new town hall is built to replace an old common hall bequeathed by John Crosse [B12]
1678 Sir Edward Moore dies [B12]
1680 Daniel Defoe makes his first visit to Liverpool
1682 Six Liverpool ships depart for Delaware as part of William Penn's fleet of 23 with English and Welsh settlers bound for Pennsylvania [15].
1684 Liverpool required to surrender it's charter for revision to give control to the King [B12]
1686 Isaac Newton acknowledges his debt to Jeremiah Horrox when he publishes "Principia"
1687 The King intervenes to protect two Roman Catholics from persecution by the High Church Council [B12]
1688 Lord Molyneux uses Liverpool Castle to store arms & supplies when supporting King James II against the Prince of Orange [B12]
1690 Fifteen privateers and two French men of war wait in the Irish Sea for returning Liverpool ships [B12]
1694 Whig candidate Jasper Maudit beats Tory opponent in election for MP [B12]
1695 William II grants a new charter for Liverpool [B12]
1698 Celia Fiennes crosses the Mersey by ferry
1699 Liverpool burgesses claim it has become the third port of England by trade [B12]
1700 Liverpool's population is about 5,000 [B12]