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Year Event
1514 Henry VIII commissions Sir William Molyneux and others to find out if the mayor and bugesses had admitted non-residents to Gild membership [B12]
1515 Liverpool's first town hall is built
1524 Sir William Molyneux rents land near Moor Green as a site for a new barn to hold the tithes of Walton (hence the name Tithebarn Street) [B12]
1533 Leland notes Liverpool as a place to which 'Irish merchants come much ...' [B12]
1555 The total shipping registered in Liverpool is 222 tons for twelve ships
1557 Liverpool owns 13 vessels, the largest being 100 tons and manned by 200 seamen [B12]
1558 Liverpool's annual fair is dropped due to sickness when 240 persons (third of population) are said to have died [B12]
1561 Mayor Robert Corbett starts a fund for a new harbour after it is destroyed by a violent storm [B12]
1565 Liverpool's population is recorded as about 700 [B12]
1567 The cattle market is moved from the High Street market to Pool Lane [B12]
1576 The mayor arranges a great bonfire at market place near the high cross on the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's accession [B12]
1577 Lord Derby stays at the tower for four days when a festival is held in his honour [B12]
1578 Chester tries to compel ships calling on the Cheshire side of the Mersey to pay dues [B12]
1580 Mayor Edward Halsall tells the Assembly that boroughs misfortunes are "due to lack of" ... "the most discreet and substantial of the burgesses" to administer [B12]
1586 Camden publishes his "Brittania" in which he mentions "Lirpoole"
1587 The water baliffs are ordered to seize and sell all corn found in ships leaving the Mersey [B12]
1588 Francis Bacon represents Liverpool in parliament
1590 Liverpool's population is something over 1000 and less than it had been in 1346 [B12]
1591 A special rate is levied to engage Mr Carter, a preacher who receives four pounds per annum [B12]
1592 The mayor is fined for having guests at his house who did not go to church on the Sabbath [B12]